• Last year we adopted Booda (a basenji/chihuahua mix) from the local Humane Society and were overjoyed with how loving and active she is. Towards the end of June this year she suddenly developed issues with her back legs. She was slightly dragging her paws so her nails scratched the ground when she walks, tripping over her back legs, not being able to balance when going to the bathroom, slipping on linoleum, when she barked her whole body would cringe like she was in pain. When we took her for walks, she would walk normal with no issues of falling over, except the nails scratching on the gruond when she walked because she dragged her paws. She did not cry or bark when we would poke her pads or put her legs in a position that would elicit pain from her.

    We took her to the vet because she started to trip over her front legs and was starting to drag her front paws. Based upon his tests (still not eliciting pain from her back legs being put in positions that should have made her cry and being poked in her paws), the vet felt that what she had was neurological problems or possibly spinal menigitis. The vet gave Booda a prescription of a steriod and antibiotic. She started to show signs of vitality again after a few days, but began urinating without knowing it, we got doggie diapers problem solved. We believed the steriod had this effect as Booda was drinking more water than usual. A few days after her last steriod pill, it was almost like we had our old Booda back and no more unscheduled urinating. She wanted to play, walking up and down the stairs, running, barking.

    Now almost a month after the first signs appeared she is experiencing the same issues (no longer on medication). But now eliciting pain when her back is touched. She is having problems even lifting herself up from a lying position, to the point that is is using her front legs to drag herself across the floor rather than walking, but once again when she is actually up and walking she is fine except for the occasional tripping.

    We have a second vet appointment tomorrow and are completely loss at what the problem could be. We love her dearly and don't want to see her suffer.

    I was just seeing if anyone else had experienced the same problems with their basenji and what steps they took. šŸ˜ž

  • Not a usual problem with Basenjis. Have you tried a specialist? You might want to ask your Vet for a referral to a neurologist.

  • How old is your dog? I would take her to a specialty clinic or university clinic that would have both a neurologist and an orthopedist. My 1 year old deaf rescue girl who is a herding/spitz mix has shuffling feet, tremors, and other problems. She was seen first by the neurologist and they suggested x-rays and more testing. My regular vet did take x-rays of the neck, back and hips. I took her to an orthopedist to review the x-rays. Since she was a stray they do not know what caused the problem but it was suggested distemper or perhaps another infectious disease. I just took her to an opthalmologist and her eyes are good but she does have sensitivity to light. Distemper almost always causes eye problems. The specialists are suggesting an MRI of the back, neck and a spinal tap for her.

    If your dog was adopted as a puppy or an older pup, I would check with the Humane Society to see if she may have had distemper or some other disease.

    Did she have an accident where she might have injured her back or neck?

    You might want to look into getting a doggy wheelchair since she has good movement in her front legs.

    I am sorry for the problems your girl is having and I hope you find out what is causing it.


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