Hello from northern California

Hi everyone, my name is Luke and my wife and I recently picked up our purebred trindle basenji from a breeder in Riverside, CA. His name is Troy and he is such a cute little rascal who loves to chew on everything at the moment. Looking forward to asking questions and relating with your community in general. Thanks.

Welcome aboard!

Hello & welcome from Canada

Welcome… can't wait to see pictures. Who is his breeder?


Who is his breeder?

The breeder is http://www.congaro.com/ and you can see his photos on the puppies page. I also posted a few photos on my profile this morning as well. Enjoy 🙂

Ah, that would be Catherine….. he is very cute... again congrats, very cute pictures on her website.

Welcome to the forums, I can't wait to see pictures!!!:D

Welcome to the forum!

Welcome to the pack! As everyone else has already said, we love our photos on here! 🙂

Welcome - feel free to share more stories and ask questions

Welcome to the forum! Your puppy is very nice. 🙂 The tri male in that litter caught my eye early on and looks like he turned out to be breeder's pick. Very nice litter overall.

Welcome! This is a great site for information, education and fun! Looking forward to seeing more of your adorable boy!

Congratulations on your new boy. Keep us posted!

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