Hello from Rocklin California!

Hello! We are proud to welcome Apollo, a 7 month old basenji mix into our family. We have never owned a basenji before.

We adore Apollo. We have only had him home for 4 days and he is so loving and playful. He is gentle and patient with our 4 and 8 year old boys and has already learned several commands. We are crate training him and he is doing great.

He sleeps in the crate in the boy's room and they all seem to love being read stories together adn then drifting off to sleep.

I am excited to hear from the members in this community!

Take care,
Apollo's Family

Welcome! Please post pics of your boys (four-legged and two-legged.) Apollo looks very handsome. Thank you for joining us!

Welcome to the forum! Sounds like a wonderful dog. I've had a mix before and they are great dogs. I like that name Appollo. "Houston, we have a Basenji"!


Welcome to all of you.
Apollo sounds like a wonderful fella..yes, we would love pictures..

Welcome. Glad you found us.


Welcome Apollo and Apollo's family in Rocklin, California!!! I love your new dog and glad you have joined us.

I'm a former Carmichael gal - retired and living in the GA mountains.

Thank you everyone for the warm welcome!

Welcome Apollo and family.

Rita Jean

Welcome to the forum!

Welcome to Apollo and his people

Welcome! I'm glad you found the forum. We'll be looking forward to more pictures and some stories about Apollo.


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