• Hello, New member here from Southern California wine country. I have been living with my family for over 6 years. I am very happy and would love to meet other Basenji in my area.

    Nice to meet you all.


  • Welcome, love to hear all about your Basenji…..

  • Welcome to the forum, can't wait to hear more about you.

  • Helldee has been in our family since Feb 01 after a brief stay with a family that lived in a 2 bedroom condo with no yard. Coming into our family with a rescue greyhound was great for Helldee. At first Max our rescue Greyhound was not that happy with her. But soon they were pretty inseparable. She really got Max moving around a bit more with her playing and chasing him around. It was quite funny watching a little Basenji chase after a horse of a Greyhound around the house.

    About 2 years ago Max had a major stroke and we had to put him down. It was truly tough on our family and Helldee. She has gained a few pounds since then but I don't agree with the obese statement from our vet. She is more curvy than obese. 😃 I take her for walks about twice a week as my father and mother cannot. She pulls like she is trying to move a small building but the walks are good for her and me.

    Besides that my Dad has made to "perches" for her so she can keep track of the front of our neighborhood. I have attached some pictures of our Great Gal.

    We have replaced sections of our backyard grass many times because of Max and Helldee's urine. So 2.5 years ago my parents put artificial grass in our back yard. Neither dog seemed to mind and used it just fine. Now I always tell my friends my dogs have the most expensive toilet in town!

  • Beautiful pics! Sorry about your loss. I love Helldee's curves..they look great on her!

  • She is beautiful! Have you had her thyroid checked though? With exercise and food restrictions, she should be able to lose weight easily. If she doesn't, she may have a thyroid problem.

    Welcome to forum! Sorry to hear of the loss of your greyhound…he was beautiful too...

  • Welcome! What a lovely perch she has at the window. Max looked like a wonderful dog, I am sorry he is gone. Helldee is very pretty.

    Anne inTampa

  • Wow, sorry… I do agree with your Vet that she is way too fat.... she is way overweight... and that will lead to many problems as she ages... Please put her in a diet and have her thyroid checked.... here are pictures of my 16 1/2 year olds... and they are doing great... but in proper weight had help them in their elder years... I do have a one or two extra pounds on them to help if they get sick... but no more then that....

  • Yes–Pat I was thinking the same thing. I really don't mean to be rude at all--just worried about Helldee's health. I would have her thyroid checked soon and put her on a weight loss plan. Two walks a week is probably not enough excercise for her. Any possibility of getting her a companion to run around with? They have some wonderful basenjis in Acton at the Basenji Rescue of SoCal.

  • @Helldee:

    She has gained a few pounds since then but I don't agree with the obese statement from our vet. She is more curvy than obese. 😃

    As much as I prefer to call my fat "curves", I must eventually admit that I am just plain ol' overweight 😞 , and I'd have to say that I must also agree with your vet – that is one chunky dog! 😉
    At a nice, healthy weight you should be able to feel her ribs when you gently rub her sides. You do want her at a good weight as she ages in order to prevent additional age-related problems due to the stress of being overweight.

    She is adorable, though! I love the window perches. I wonder if I could get my dh to build some for my two B's...... new project!

  • And I too, I don't mean to be mean either… but only thinking of the health of your B Girl... and those really are pictures of 2 of my elders at 16.... really you would be better to get your girl on a diet to loss weight.... for your peace of mind in her elder years and for her health...you are putting extra strain on her heart, lungs, kidneys and bones with her carrying that kind of weight...

  • I too agree with the vet, she is quite overweight. In all honesty we want to advise you in the right way about her weight. I watch what my B, Sahara, eats, not too many treats, and lean ones at that. I watch to keep her at 23 - 25pds. Added weight is bad on their hips and bones, and I know you want her to live out her life healthy.

  • Welcome…what great views!

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