• Hello!
    I am 23 years old and have been working in the grooming field for about four years.

    I saw my first Basenji running free down my street when I was 11 years old and was fascinated from the start. My family didn't have a dog at that time so after a lot of research (by me, and then my mom) we found BRAT. BRAT rejected us since we didn't have any Basenji experience so we went searching for a good breeder. My mom found one and after a couple phone conversations we went and met with the breeder at his house. My mom didn't want a young puppy so we got a 9 month old tri colored bitch named Ella.

    After awhile(few years) she wanted a playmate for Ella so we went to BRAT again to see if we were experienced enough now. We did a foster to adopt many many times and while we found homes for many Basenji boys we couldn't find one that Ella didn't want to kill after awhile. We found one by the name of Diablo that was subservient enough for Ella. I quickly changed his name to James.

    I went away to college, leaving Ella and James with my mom. Unbeknown to me my mom had to move into a place that only allowed one dog. She gave up James to BRAT where he found a permanent home within a couple weeks. I found out weeks later.

    I haven't gotten another Basenji, even though I want one. I'm waiting till I'm in more of a permanent position before adding a Basenji to my home.

    I love talking about Basenjis and meeting Basenji people as well as the Basenjis themselves. I'm very interested in genetics and I enjoy learning about well, everything!

    I hope and look forward to learning more about the breed that I have fallen in love with.

  • Welcome, enjoy the basenjis vicariously here! Lots of photos, stories of the good and the bad, a whole Basenji University for future basenji owners!

  • Welcome to the forum!! 🙂

  • First Basenji's

    Hello also from California! 🙂

  • Hi! I just came back from California, actually - visiting old friends. Enjoy the forums!

  • Welcome to the forum - glad to have you here with all of us. And congrats on making a decision to be patient about owning another basenji. That's what we always need - more responsible basenji/dog owners.

  • Welcome to the forums. You are always welcome to come out to the local basenji activities and get a basenji fix. Northern and Southern California both have active basenji communities.

  • Welcome to the forum and thank you for finding us.

  • Welcome! You can cerainly get your basenji fix here! I hope you are able to get your own soon.

  • Welcome to the forum. You will finds lots of Basenjis heer which will make up for your having to wait a while.

  • Hey Jacquelyn, is that you?

    Just let us know when you're ready for your own! Amina will have a litter this year, we hope… Of course, you'd have to come to Texas... But you can come and bring your mom and Ella too.


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