OMG What a Great Valentine's Day!!

  • Please excuse the fact that there is no pic accompanying this post. I have to figure out how to downsize my photos. I'm not camera smart:rolleyes:
    On Saturday (Valentine's Day), my husband and I were invited to a puppy party at a breeder's house - she has really been a great mentor to me with showing my two Bs so this didn't seem totally weird or anything. There were a few puppies there. All very cute!! After just a few minutes the breeder called me over to a table and said that my husband had asked her to pick something up for me. Inside a beautifully wrapped box was a piece of paper, which I stared at for a while trying to figure out - it looked to me like a contract for reserving a puppy from an upcoming litter maybe. Under that was some dog food and a collar. I just stood there like some kind of doofus asking what it was all about until I was handed the most gorgeous brindle girl ever!! 😃 Turns out it was MY puppy party! I had met the puppy before and spent some time really thinking about her so I sent an e-mail to her breeder and she said that she had to decided to keep the puppy. I was so bummed and was kicking myself for not saying yes right away. Hubby had already contacted her and they had been working this since January! Are these great people or what?!?!:D Oh, She's fitting in quite nicely!

  • OMG, that is great!!! I can't wait to see pics, what did you decide on for a name?

  • Her call name is Eva.

  • Eva is a pretty name. Sure beats my Singer sewing machine my husband ordered for me (don't tell him that, LOL)!!!

  • Ummmm…....One birthday my husband gave me a beautiful diamond ring. I returned it and bought a sewing machine......

  • Congrats! Is this b #3? What colours do you have now?

    Oh and did you get your pup from the same breeder as your last one?

  • This is B #3. I now have a Tri, a Trindle, and a Brindle!! All from different breeders, but two of them have some relatives in their backgrounds. I think that's enough Bs for me!!

  • Oh my gosh! Your husband is is so awesome, what a great surprise to get.

  • @Kebasmom:

    Ummmm…....One birthday my husband gave me a beautiful diamond ring. I returned it and bought a sewing machine......

    I hate to get off of the subject of Basenjis, but I can't help but ask… What type of sewing do you enjoy? I like to make quilts and hope to carve out some more time to get back into my craft!!!

  • wow…. how awesomely romantic 🙂

  • Awww. That was so sweet of your hubby! What a great Valentine's Day gift! 🙂

  • What a GREAT story!! Congratulations, and enjoy your little girl! Who is the breeder?

    On a related note….my Valentine's Day gift was lunch at McDonald's ...such is life with a five year old...that was all he wanted, so we gave in!

  • What a great gift! I hope you thanked him appropriately 😉

  • You have a wonderfully, romantic husband! Congrats on the new baby.

  • I can't tell you how much I love this story! Thanks for sharing and congratulations!!

  • OMG! Wow! What a great VDay (and husband)! Congrats…looking forward to the pics!!

  • WOW! I just got dinner (mainly b/c that's what I said we were going to do unless he wanted to cook). But I already have a nice sewing machine.

  • Well I'll tell you about my V day - I smelt a smell - and though - who could have piddled somewhere and I didn't see it. I looked high and low - I saw a couple spots of 'something' and thought - this must be it. Attacked with the usual items and it still smelled. Sprayed the air with Oust, sprayed the carpet with Feebreeze and open the window to let in the brisk MN air. Still smelled. Then I walked by the bouquet of roses my hubby had given me and the little pretty white filler stuff - smelled like dog PEE.

    So that was my V- Day - all of yours sounded better 🙂

  • That is super…. congrats on your puppy.... Who are her Sire and Dam, if you don't mind sharing?

  • That is an awesome story! I can't wait to see pictures!

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