What breed makes a good match with the basenji?

  • We actually have a little bit of everything - a basenji (the second one coming from the breeder in couple of weeks), a one-year-old akita (the basenji and the akita are inseparable), and a 4-month-old boxer. They are just one big happy pack!

  • @khanis:

    If you have ever experienced the noise of the Pharaoh, mulitply it bey 1000% when thinking about a Cirneco. GLUG. Cute yes, horrid little monsters though.

    RRs…. fabulous wonderful dogs.

    And they dig, dig, dig… and dig more...gggg (Cirneco's).... or so I am told by people that own them.... There are a couple in our area that have been to Lure Trials.... but they are very cute

  • You are totally on the wrong site, wu396lai614…
    Why don't you go someplace that cares?

  • @sharronhurlbut:

    You are totally on the wrong site, wu396lai614…
    Why don't you go someplace that cares?

    Yeah.. we don't like handbags.. We like B's 😉 😃

  • In fact, laugh, we let our dogs CHEW on your handbags!

  • @sharronhurlbut:

    in fact, laugh, we let our dogs chew on your handbags!

    :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Too funny

  • Hi, we have just got our first Basenji, Milo, who is sharing the house with two Rhodesian Ridgebacks. They have got on really well even though Milo is a very active puppy. Both our Ridgebacks, Luke and Kris are so laid back they really just allow Milo to do whatever… We chose the Basenji as they are African hounds and it's nice to keep them from the same continent. I think Basenjis and Ridgebacks are ideal companions. Fab!

  • I of course would recommend the Podengo - the medium or bigger one (I prefer the big smooth which is of course why I have them 🙂 )

    Hanna the Podengo and Sarge the Basenji enjoy each other a lot - rip and tear and run and jump etc etc etc. (except for now when she is in season and with the boy I imported.)


  • I can see nobody has told you about Ridgeback:)))) reat African duo with basenji:D

  • The RR is a bit too big.. Sorry 😃
    Although the Paraoh hound is the same size.. I do like them… And the Podengo Medio.. (sorry no Grande.. ;)) is nice as well.

    If I could 'just' add a dog without really considering size etc it would be a Pharaoh hound.. or another b.. 😃 😃

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