• I have a female basenji who has slowed down a lot in the last several years and is also deaf. This winter she seems to be having weakness in her back legs and sometimes falls down the stairs when going off the porch. Is this a normal progression of aging or is their something I need to do. She is 15 years old. I do plan on calling the vet on Monday, but wondered what your input would be.

  • I am sorry to hear you are having problems with your basenji. I have never dealt with older dogs, so I don't really have any advice for you, but I wish you the best of luck. Where in Wisconsin are you? I am also in WI (near Sheboygan) and would love to meet up with another basenji/basenji owner if I am able to find someone in the area!

  • Does she fall off the steps when the light is dim? Or always?

  • is she on any joint suppliments? have you thought about limiting her access to the steps if this is an ongoing thing?

  • Blaze is 15, and either going selectively deaf, or just ignoring us… He has lost a bit of his perifial (sp?) vision. He sometimes starts off the B500 with a quick turn and smacks into the wall, or he jumps off the couch and his side hits the coffee table. He also trips himself up on the stairs or jumping on the bed. If she is just missing her steps, it could be that. He doesn't seem to have any weakness in the legs, and he's rarely stiff. SO if you think it's that, head to the vet.

  • A trip to the vet might be in order - the cold weather here in MN has taken a toll on my old guy too.

    I fear that soon I'll have to make the 'decision'. I learned once the hard way - it's better to make the decision a day early than 2 min too late.

    Hope it is something simple and your girl is able to enrich your home for as long as she is able.

  • It is hard with the elders… I know since I just lost 2 in since the New Year... one I was ready for, one I was not... but they can bounce back.. they just need extra love and care as they age. All of mine by 14 where mostly deaf.... two had sight problems also, 2had (and my remaining 14yr old) had/has perfert sight.
    Never hurts to make the Vet visit when they hit advanced age...

    Has she every had any hip problems in the past? Injury to her back?... could she have taken a fall when you were not around?

  • Thank you for all the replies. She is doing a lot better. I started giving her glucosamine (500 mg) and it seems to be helping. She hasn't fallen today at all and is acting more like her old self. It's also a lot warmer than the sub zero temps we had last week. Don't know if that had anything to do with it, but she seems lots better.

  • When my old girl got unsteady around steps, I put up a babygate and helped her up and down them, when she needed to move.

  • The cold probably made her stiffer than usual, so a small misstep might cause a fall. Glucosamine kept my old girl going for several years, good luck with your oldie.

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