• I know this sounds absolutely queer, but I live in an area that gets really cold in the winter (not Arctic cold, but sub freezing often enough…). I know Tuck has a tendancy to get cold and was wondering if anyone puts a coat or any clothing on their B or if it's something I shouldn't worry about? I got worried about him last year because he always shivers when were not moving briskly and bought him a sweater, but I can never find anything that fits him correctly.

    If the majority things that clothing is somethign that Tuck might appreciate, does anyone have a good source or suggestion for a standard size that fits most B's?

    OMG, you guys/gals have to check this site out, awesome t-shirts for us:

    I'm particuliarly fond of the "My Basenji is Smarter than your Honor Roll Student." LOL!

  • we put a coat on dash in the winter. he will wait to go outside until we put it on. he hates the cold.

  • I saw some stuff at JB wholesale. But I'd prefer to be able to sample (try on) the clothing first. What size and who makes the coat you have for your B? Tucker is a solid 25lbs. Just a percentage above the average weight, but he's trim and fit. Just a 'big boy' in the B world… 🙂

  • I love it!

  • We took him to petsmart to try on different clothes. He wasn't terrible thrilled with the idea but I can't remember any of the details. It is certainly not for fasion just for warmth.

  • Cooper can wear a 4T kid's shirt, as long as I cut out a U-shape from the bottom as a pee hole. Look for sales on the "tagless" type of t-shirts, as I think they would be much more comfortable.

    He is a little bigger than most here at 28 pounds.

    Cooper must wear at least a t-shirt under 60 degrees F. Otherwise, he shivvers and scratches. Under 50, we generally break out the fleece hoodies.

    I make the hoodies myself, as a single or double layer of fleece. It took a few tries (and it's still a work in progress) to make a pattern that works for him. I actually started with little vests, but he grew out of those in his first winter! Since our fur kids are relatively small, go to your fabric store and look in the remnants bins. They usually have some great fleece at a great price. And fleece is pretty forgiving, since it doesn't unravel too easily. The hardest part is figuring out how to make a closure that is easy to work when you have a wriggling dog!

    I might have photos in my gallery. Otherwise, I'll try to post some of his outfits.

  • I found clothing photos!

    The indoor hoodie. I accidentally made the underside closure in a way that would mean he'd pee all over it outdoors! But he loves to curl up in it like this!

    Another view of the indoor hoodie.

    Reversible hoodie. Two layers of fleece with closures at the belly and chest (as seen by the tabs sticking out).

    Reversible hoodie from the side. New clothes obviously can't compete with rawhide!

    First vest. It had two holes for him to step his front legs in, and it fastened with Velcro up the back. The Velcro wore out fast, and he outgrew it before winter ended.

  • I found a hooded windbreaker with velcro at Wal-mart for him. From the time he was a puppy, it seemed like he calmed down a lot more when he had a coat on. I also found a suede coat with a wooly lining at Target last year. It keeps him warm, but he just can't get "comfortable" enough when he's wearing it to "do his business."

  • TuckerVA: If you have a Petco near you, check out the dog clothes they sell. My boy is also a 25 pounder and the Petco "Dickens Closet" Medium is a perfect fit. They even used to have a Tri-Color Basenji model on the package for the doggie clothes a couple of years ago.
    I never thought I would be the type to dress up my dog but hey he gets cold. Now he gets really excited when the clothes come out of the closet. Means mom and dad are taking him out on the town.

  • I use this brand:
    The cover I have for Jala (standard female) is 40cm or 16" (neck to tail measurement). This cover is really warm and waterproof.

    Subaruthie, the hoodies you made look so cool! 🙂


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