• I am writing this while on my phone so please do not judge me based off of my English and Grammar. Please go by what i have offered you to read.

    Ok first off i would like to say that i had found these fourms tonight while looking for some help guides and tips for my basenji.
    To start off with I am a male age 21 who lives with his girlfriend and one other dog in appartment building in a very large and nice complex spread over a few acres of land. We live on the first floor and have 5 other appartments per building. I have had a basenji before as a kid. From age one till the day i put her down at age 19 we had her. She was a stray dog given to us from a family member. She was abused very bad as a puppy and was very skidish. She was a great dog quiet, sweet, and never had a problem with her. I also have a great love for dogs in general. Watching many dogs for family and friends or however. It did not matter if they liked me or not within a few minutes from meeting they would be all over me playing. We recently moved into these new appartments, the previous ones never allowed dogs. Since me and my girlfriend have wanted dogs for some times we got on a wait list for this place and the hardest part getting a first floor. Reason being we wanted two dogs and the one i wanted was a german sheaperd. Ive had alot of experience with them and adore them. Well finding a cheap female and full blooded in my area was like finding a needle in the hay stack. I wanted a puppy so it grows up with us and i can train her from day one. After no luck i was willing to settle for a rescure young adult for cheap because my girlfriend was in suh a rush. She ended up not waiting and getting a female chihuahua/jack russel age 9 weeks named ruby. She is a sweet girl dosent make a sound no problems great. Well i had given up hope when i seen a CL aid about a rescued basenji. They where the only other dog i was willing to take. I seen her pictures and she looked just like my last dog it was love at first sight. So we drove to get her and now this is where my dog Gidget comes into play.

    Giget is a female and 18 months old she is a mix with jack russel/and Aust. Sheperd, however, the basenji in her is very strong it sticks out and her traights are there. The people we got her from had rescued her 5 months ago. She was chained up in a yard 24/7 and had her collar embedded in her neck. After some love and time she was back up in running. They thought her a few commands like down sit but really not a whole lot. Everything went great and we brought her home. The first few nights where a bit ruff i figured its the seperation and being in a new place. {Throwing in i have had her for a full week now at the time of this and ruby for a month and 2 weeks from this point} I also still figure she is still having problems with such a short time. We have two large dog cages with roofs stacked ontop of each other and she is house broken. The first meeting with her and ruby was scary at first cause how small she is but after 5 minutes they became pals. Now these are where the problems start to come into play.

    First off she is a barker my lord she is loud and does not stop. I understand since she is a mix and cause her breed that she is alert to everything but ive never seen this in a dog before. Every little sound, person, car alarm from locking, people opening the main doors to the building, and our doors she goes nuts. She will not stop no matter what with what i say tone or anything. So then we triend a squirt bottle i never seen it before till my brother just got on of the big lazy bulldogs it worked great for him. We tried but we put a tiny bit of viniger in there so she is not scared of water more then how much she already dosent like it. I do not spray her in eyes body only she does not like it. Just flashing the bottle at her now will either get her to stop barking for a few seconds or she will tune it down and then give a little sassy moan. I dont want her to be mad at m and i think this is leading to it in due time. I worry if she does not stop she will be leaving our life. Now the next problem is her energy. I know she is young and a active breed but it does not matter how much exercise to her she still goes nuts the moment she leaves her cage. She will not heel even with tugs and saying it to her. She runs around like speed in our place here one second gone the next. So i ned to figure out how to really wear her out. The last real problem is with the other dog and her. When they are together they play fight hardcore for hours they dont stop. There are times we step in due to it going to far but most the time its ok just crazy. She will not listen to comands out side of her cage for the most part. The other one does not help due to her being a instagater and just bitting her neck and it start back over. Seperating them does not work cause then they go nuts and taunt eachother. I worry that the little one is going to get hurt one day cause she is so small even though she puts up a real fight. I do not have money for a trainer and she will be getting spayed her in a week. If anyone can please give me some help tips anything to help me so i do not have to get rid of her that would be amazing. She has been getting better but its still nothing to brag about. I know time is needed but what else can i do.

    Thanks for taking your time to read through this and or leaving any feed back Danny.

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