• So this morning Maverick has been limping a bit. It is his front left paw. He will walk on it with a limp and when he sits he lifts it off the floor. When I touch him anywhere, he doesnt respond/whine or anything, but Im wondering if I should just watch it for a while or rush off to the Em. Vet (we have an appt friday) Thanks!!

    (maybe I can get a video of the limp and load it later if he keeps it up…he is sleeping now)

  • I don't think you need to rush to the Em. vet. but your normal appointment should be fine if he's not whining or anything. Check it really well to see if there's anything stuck in his paw; sometimes they'll get a thorn or something stuck in there.

    Has he been possibly over exerting himself the last couple days?

  • Okay Thanks! I called the vet and talked to a doc. He said its normal for puppies at this age to over react when they get hurt. So If he is still limping tomorrow afternoon or has any other symptoms to bring him in…WOW a vet thats honest is awesome! and I had NO idea puppies over react, lol...silly!

  • If I remember right from the pictures, you have hard wood floors? I would bet that he goes slipping and sliding around? Could be just a soft tissue sprain/injury.

  • this is true. I was thinking it might have been something with him chasing aiden about, but he Never cries out…so I guess Im going to wait until tomorrow...he has been sleeping pretty much all day, so at least if the leg is hurt he's resting it

  • Usually I have found that with something like soft tissue injuries, they do not tend to "complain"…. and that is what they would tell you to do, rest him... ggg ... good luck with that one with a baby B puppy... My Jamari had a soft tissue injury on his hind leg... at about 12 wks, we put him in a soft cast for 14 days... but usually they fix themselves... just have to be a bit careful with slippery floors....

  • After Medjai hurt himself as a puppy, I would rather err on the side of caution. Medjai hurt his left front elbow as a pup, and has been hurting it about every 4-6 months since. Two to three days of Rimadyl and he is back to normal right away.

    You just have to play it by ear and see how you feel about it.

  • Thanks everyone! Im going to see how he is doing tomorrow…hope he feels better!!

  • I agree that sometimes puppys' over-react. Bella was awful when she would loose her baby teeth!:rolleyes: She would paw at her mouth, her tongue would go crazy lapping out in the oddest ways, she would even rub her face all over the floor. You would have thought she was dying!!!:eek: But I would definitely keep an eye on him just in case…

  • Still limping this morning… 😞 off to the vet at 1pm! Hope for the best!! (and least amount of money ;)!!

  • Depending on the cost of the vet visit, it shouldn't be that bad. They will probably just look at it and say leave it, or give you something like Rimadyl for a few days, which isn't too bad either. I would recommend if it's hard giving pills to get the capsules, and cover with cheese. Medjai will get the chewables out of the cheese and doesn't want to eat them at all.

  • Hello!! Went to the Vet! Well she wasnt going to do an xray because she said whether its broken or not (the toe) theres nothing she can do. But we went ahead with the xray and his second toe is chipped 😞 ppppppoooooorrrrr PUP PUP!! I feel so bad! She said he probably did it playing but it should heal just fine. He is doing well!! Eating playing (a little I let him) and acting as normal as can be, we are just taking it easy for a couple days. POOR Maverick Baby!! 😞 Thanks for all the Advice!!

  • Sounds good, I'm glad he's doing better.

    Although, I'm starting to think there IS something terribly wrong with him now. If he's acting normal, he cant be a healthy basenji.:p

  • Well, poor little thing… I guess I'd limp, too! Could have been worse, though. I'm glad the vet said he'll be OK!!!:D

  • Maybe he continued to limp because he knew it got him extra hugs 🙂

  • Hes getting TOO much love and attention!! Lol, hes JUST like Aiden, they fight to BOTH me on my lap at the same time and get jealous of each other, hehee its cute!

  • Chiming in on the "limping" thread here.

    I noticed just today that Ziggy is limping. It's his front left leg. I did a check of his pads and don't see anything like a thorn or shard, and when massaging his foot, leg, and shoulder, he doesn't wince or cry out like it hurts. He's almost 12 years old, lives in an apartment with carpet (not wood floors), and hasn't done any exercise recently that's out of the ordinary - just our usual walks around the neighborhood.

    Any thoughts? Just watch him for a day or so to see what happens?


  • Houston

    How is he doing? Is he still limping? I would just "try" to have him take it easy..I know not easy to do..and if it persists by monday, go see the vet. If you can't see anything and more importantly, if he isn't crying or wincing in pain when manipulated, hopefully it is nothing severe.

  • Poor Maverick, hope he's feeling better soon.
    Re Ziggy, maybe see how he is Monday, could he have perhaps jumped off a piece of furniture and pulled a muscle. Hope he's better soon also.

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