• I was wondering if anyone has had this happen with there B before

    For the last couple weeks Phoenix has been limping slighty when he wake's up I Have'nt brought him to the vet because he is eating fine , drinking fine, playing like usual everything he is doing is normal except when he wake's up he slighty limps I checked his paws over and over thinking maybe a thorn or something was stuck but haven't felt or seen anything wrong he doesnt whine or anything and it doesnt seem to bother him. except for the limping a few weeks back he got on the table and as i caught him and yelled at him he jumped off so i thought maybe he pulled a muscle but its been a couple weeks. Do any of u think that Maybe his leg is falling asleep and that's why he's limping when he wakes ?

  • He could have damaged a ligament. If so, even if it's a sprain, it will take a long time to heal. Sprains usually take longer than a break to heal. So you may be looking at anwhere from 6 weeks up from the time of damage.

  • Is there anything i can do for him that might help it get better soon. I've been trying to keep him from running on it so much but that last all of about 5 mins

  • Is it front or back? and if he is still limping even just in the morning after a few weeks, I would think a Vet visit might be in order…. he may need medication to help with the healing.... of course they are going to tell you to "restrick" his running/jumping... good luck on that one....

  • I sure would like to know what you decide to do for this…so I can use it if needed in the future.

  • It's his front right paw i called the vet and she said i can bring him in if i wanted but it sounded to her like he did sprain it she asked all the normal questions eating , drinking, peeing, poopin, playing ect. Like i said he acts like it's not even bothering him at all . I guess it's bothering me more then it is him Cuz i hate seeing him limp like that. She said if he is not doing better in a few weeks to bring him in and she can do an xray . She told me to put ice for 15 mins a day and also heat for 15 mins . for the next 7 days . Also to try and limit his running but more importantly try and keep him from streching it out. So hopefully that will work.. I will keep u all updated on how he's doing with it .. Including how many ice packs and heat packs he has run away with LOL

  • I don't really think, other than what the vet's suggested, you can do anything. You could try wrapping it, but that won't last very long.

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