• Hi…for a few weeks off and on our Brewinn has been limping. It was not too often at first and we initially we thought sh kept lifting it cuz she's a big baby and gates the cold floor. In the last week now it's gotten worse - but when the dust goes by her, or she has her "fee" time she goes like crazy. She jumps on him and off and on the couch - no crying or yelping. In the last 2 days we are trying to restrict her playing and running.as much as we can. We noticed that once and a while we hear a pop near her knee/thigh are. Similar to when someone cracks a knuckle. It is her rear left leg. We did make a vet appointment, but wanted some thought from all the more knowledgeable basenji owners. We know it's not broken, but are still worried..any thought are spore instead. Thanks

  • Sounds to me like a patella problem…. pretty common in toy dogs, not so much in Basenjis depending on the breeding. Have you talked to her breeders? And patella problems are not unique to our breed....

  • my malinois did that right before she had a complete ACL (CCL in dogs) tear. but tick borne illnesses can also cause limping. and, as pat said, patella problems cause limping. Let us know what the vet says.

  • I'm not sure if your dog is young or a puppy but it sounds like it. Puppies are especially prone to skeletal issues such as strains or breaks because their bones are still soft and growing. Same with the muscles, they are constantly growing and susceptible to injury. Just because she has moments of play that doesn't mean she's ok- dogs have an uncanny ability to override pain signals when something else is on their minds. Others have suggested patella issues, and while I can't speak to that I know Tanza is a breeder and knows well the issues that can affect our breed, let alone knowing about identifying issues. Good that you have an Appointment, in the meantime- continue to limit jumping and running so nothing furthers the problem. Is she has lax (loose) ligaments this can cause popping and will be a lifetime concern for injury if not carefully supervised. If it were me, I would want to contact an orthopedic, so if your vet doesn't have a definite cause that is a good route to go. Might be an initial cost but in the long run save you a lot

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