Happy 11th Birthday Nicky!

Today Nicky, my first basenji, turns 11 years old. He is still active and as mischievous as ever. He is currently deconstructing his Best Op in Veteran Sweeps prize. He has been slowly unstuffing it for the last 2 weeks. But he won it so it is his choice. When he is done plucking it he lays down in and looks at me like "What? It's mine and I will do what I want!"

Here is one of my favorites of Nicky with his favorite niece Rio.

Happy Birthday Nicky, DC Sherwood's In The Nick of Time SC, RN, LCM, JOR!

Happy B-day Nicky!!

Happy Birthday Nicky!
What a cute pic! He looks so content!

Happy Birthday, old sweet guy!


Happy B-day to one of my favorite boys

Happy B-Day Nicky, may there be many more!

Happy Birthday Nicky!!

I showed your lure course 'I'm flying' pic at school and asked to guess how old you are.. they thought something around three… So.. A big compliment for you, Nicky 😉 🙂

Happy birhtday nicky!!!!

Nice pic…. they're both beautys..

Happy Birthday!!! What a cute picture!

Diggie says hippo birdie to his birthday buddy!

Happy Birthday to Nicky. My Nicky (female) is 11 as well.

Happy Birthday Nicky!!! Hope you have many more!

Happy birthday +2 days Nicky!!! Such a handsome devil 🙂

Happy Birthday, Nicky!!! Good picture. BTW…I hear that 'deconstruction" when it comes to home decor is totally "in". Good job. Keep your humans on their toes, and on the cutting edge of home redecoration:)

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