Our little boy becomes a MAN!

Happy Birthday Chafuko!!!

Today he's one year old!!! 😃

5 hours old…. when we choose you as "ours"

Three weeks old and your eyes are open…

Six weeks old and you're learning to be naughty!

After nine weeks of visiting you every week, youre Home!!!!

Three months old and already love the sunshine!

Five months and very funny

Six months and feeling like a STAR… :rolleyes:

Eleven months and love to sleep….🆒

After one year, you make us love you so much…

You're our little prank, our funny man, our playfull man... our B...

Happy Birthday Chafuko!!

Oh he's so handsome. Love the pictures.
Happy Birthday Chafuko 🙂

If I knew how to say that in Dutch I would bust that out but I dont….

Hartelijk gefeliciteerd

yay internet.

Happy Birthday 🙂 What a sweet tribute, and a beautiful dog!

I love the progession of photos.
He is very lovely.


Hartelijk gefeliciteerd

yay internet.

😃 Yeah!! That's good!!!

Happy birthday Chafuko!
Yes, the photo progression is great.
Beautiful "star".

Happy Birthday Chafuko, he's a very handsome brindle B. 🙂

Chafuko is awesome! One of my favorite B's I've seen!


Happy birthday handsome boy!!! 🙂

Hieperdepiep…....Hoera... hieperdepiep....Hoera!! Lang zal ie leven.. lang zal ie... 😉

Van harte gefeliciteerd!!!!!!!!!

Happy "B"-Day!!!:D You are one handsome brindle guy!;)

Happy Birthday Chafuko! Love the photos.


Chafuko is awesome! One of my favorite B's I've seen!


:DThanks! you makes us shy:rolleyes:

Gefelicciflapstaart Fukie 🙂

Happy Birthday Handsome!!!

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