• I recently moved into a new apt. with lots of big windows. My old apt had windows that were too high up for Shelby to look out of. Here, she can watch us come and go and watch the other dogs in the neighborhood. This is great for her EXCEPT she whines ALL day. I have no problem with a vocal dog…but it's a little too much. It's starting to stress Travis and I out. We've only lived here for a week. Do you think she'll get use to it? Is there something we can do? We don't want to discipline her for being vocal...but the whining is awful and non stop. Oh...and she also jumps up in the window and crashes the blinds around...which gets old as well. Any advice?????

  • How old is she?

    Maybe a Snuggle Puppy would help?


    As for the blinds, I would keep them in the up position, Zahra has destroyed ours so I am replacing them with cordless Roman blinds.

    I am sure that this will pass in time.

  • Jumping in the window and crashes the blinds is pretty typical for Basenjis…. and keeping them in an "up" position is a must....as for the whinning... sorry to say that as long as she can see others outdoors... it will continue... she will become used to them as the weeks go on... as most of them do... but it is going to take time... and in the end... again.. sorry to tell you this, it might never stop.....
    For years and years when mine saw anyone out the window.. it was a noise fest.... and it is only in their very senior years that they have settled down... more because of their sight not being what it use to be along with their hearing....

  • Hi Jenn 🙂 She's a year old and although the Snuggle Puppies are adorable, I think she'd rip one to pieces in no time! She's whining about the fun stuff she sees outside, or Travis leaving, ect.

  • @Shelby:

    Hi Jenn 🙂 She's a year old and although the Snuggle Puppies are adorable, I think she'd rip one to pieces in no time! She's whining about the fun stuff she sees outside, or Travis leaving, ect.

    Maybe she needs a brother 😃

  • @ChaseandZahrasmom:

    Maybe she needs a brother 😃

    LOL.. there you go… however then you might have two that are whinny all day and then take it out on each other because they can't get to the dogs outside..... been there, done that

  • She has only been there a short time.
    Is she getting plenty of exercise, to help her relieve stress?

  • She does get a good amount of exercise. BUT we don't have a yard for her to run around in. Either we walk her, play ball with her in the tennis court or Travis takes her for runs on his bike. We would LOVE to get her a brother 🙂 but it's not the right time. I can take her out for a walk and two seconds later she's whining again. Of course we love her to death and understand she's getting use to a new experience. I'm just wondering if there's a good way to train her not to whine so much. Like we train her not to poop in the house 🙂

  • I don't know if your girl is talking to the folks/animals she sees outside.
    BUT with dogs that are showing anxiety, we are told to use high, happy voices, no oh poor baby tones but are you being silly tones, and distract her with a treat, a toy or a walk.
    The "oh, poor you" tones we often give dogs make them more stressed.
    They take the clues about good things from us, and if we make it light and laugh, they relax.
    Again, I don't know if this is the issue, its the only thing I know to tell you to do.

  • How about blocking the window somewhat. Maybe put up a board so she can't see out. I did that with my first beastie and it didn't take too long before he got used to not climbing up onto the window sill.

  • Sharron, you are probably right. Stress probably has something to do with it. I truely believe that Shelby wants to be outside all of the time. I think she would be happy running around sniffing the ground all day. This just isn't feasible. And as much as we do take her out, in reality, it probably isn't enough given how active and curious she is. I'll give the happy voice a try and see how it works.

  • If you think it is because she is not getting enough mental stimulation inside, try things like stuffed Kongs, hiding treats for her to find, even games like find me can make the house a more interesting place to be.

    Since you just moved there, it may just be that it does smell like home to her yet. Do you have any blankets or things from your old place that haven't been washed so they still smell like home. Those things may be comforting to her.

  • I think distractions are a good suggestion. I use one of those cubes that you can put kibble or small treats in. They then have to roll it around to get a reward. It keeps Katie busy a long time. Tyler can't be bothered by the work it takes to tip it on it's proper side, so he just follows Katie around and and grabs anything she might miss. (At these times we call him "Mr. Upper-Management"…...he does no work, but grabs all the rewards:) )

    We also keeps the blinds all the way up, or half way up. Just an additional suggestion. Be sure when your blinds are up that the cord is shortened and secured out or reach. Ty got his head in between the two lines one day and started to struggle. Thankfully I was just outside the window when his head clunked the glass and I noticed the problem and ran inside. Since then we roll the excess and place it on the bottom rail. For some windows we purchased small cord wraps (like you find on a flag pole) and we wrap excess cord around these.

    I had, for many years, heard of the strangulation hazard for children, but I never thought how it may relate to my dogs.

  • Great point that you bring up.. about the extra cord on blinds….

  • At these times we call him "Mr. Upper-Management"…...he does no work, but grabs all the rewards )

    LOL that made me smile!

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