Halloween Costume

My daughter would like to take her new best pal, Benji (the basenji), trick or treating with her this year. I thought of little bo peep and of course, her sheep. Does anyone know where i can find a doggie sheep costume? I've looked online and haven't found one yet.
Thanks, Susan

Pet Smart has dog dress items…one has a basenji on it...I can't remember is it the devil??

Something like this? <vbg>:D


hmmm, should be a pretty easy costume to make if you can't find one…..doggy sweater with cotton balls glued or sewn on.

And misted with bitter apple at regular intervals!

I saw a Yoda costume for dogs. I can't for the life of me remember where, but that is what I thought Dash could be.


No sheep costume but the site has pig, rooster, and cow.

The monkey costume on that sight is hilarious!

I'm really digging Jack Sparrow. It even has the beads!

How funny would it be if they made dog customes "dogs"? Like if our basenjis could dress up like a german shepard or a dalmation. HA! That would be sooooo hysterical. I would love to get Mick a Dingo costume!

LOL. Keep the apple bitter on hand if you put cotton balls on any costume for a basenji!!! Dallas adores shredding them.

He's actually going to be a horse, with a cowboy on his back this year. Here's the costume:


How cute! Shango's going to be Batman, errr…..Batdog. 🙂


I'm turning a pink pig costume into the energizer bunny for Beegin. Nothing could be more apt for him. I'm currently trying to find/make the small sunglasses I'll need.

The first year we have Capt Jack we went to the PetSmart costume contest. I dressed up like a Sailor with "Go Navy Beat Army" on my back and Jack went dressed in Army Uniform with "Go army Sink Navy" on his back and we won!!! It was awesome! Jack had no problem with a army uniform on lol, hat and all!! It was a blast!! Ill NEVER forget how excited we all were that we won! and there were some awesome costumes too!

I wish I could have gotten Jack that Jack Sparrow costume…his name WAS Capt Jack Sparrow after all!! lol

OMG, I laughed so hard when I saw this costume. I have to get this one for Nemo. I can only imagine the look on his face.


I wanted a Yoda costume (since he has built-in yoda ears) but it looks like the official one isn't of reliable quality.

Here's a sneak peek at Mick's costume. I have other accessories to add.

Does it glow in the dark? that would be cool.

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