• Very cute!

  • Shame they don't celebrate halloween over here. Would have been fun to walk around like that!

  • Crack me UP! The B looks so " amused". haha more like "are you kidding me????"

  • OMG - those are so cute! The grim reaper - perfect for Shaye; the pumpkin - perfect for Gemma - likelihood of them letting me put them on? Nil. Sigh. Saw one at the Renaissance Festibal this year of a knight in full armor with a shiny "horse" blanket, carrying a sword - adorable. Not on a basenji though, it was a lab.

  • Hi Shaye - of course it was on a lab - they are WAY more tolerant than Basenjis! I might still try it though - I keep thinking one of these days Cody might surprise me and NOT eat everything I don't want him to chew! Am I in denial? LOL!

  • I made costumes for dog show for my Jesika and my daughter. It's from russian tale - @Tsarevna -frog (the same as qween-frog).
    We won 3 place, the first and second - my friend Lena and her dogs - dalmatin as Dragon and ksolo as alien
    All costumes are hand-made.

  • I find with basenjis the simpler the costume the more likely they are to tollerate it, things on their heads generally do not work well. I made this little Chippendale outfit for the boys a couple years ago and they did not mind wearing it at all. Last yr I made the mistake of trying to use a wig on the whippet, that did not work out

  • Oh, wow! Thanks, OP! Bookmarked for the next Discworld Convention. (Have to make a speech bubble for Grim Reaper saying something like "Binky, Binky? Who are you?")

  • Mine won't tolerate being dressed up - some even object to wearing coats in bad weather!!

  • Here's what I've ordered for Thabo. The fact they seem to have persuaded a basenji to wear it long enough to photograph was a plus in my book. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000HE189G/ref=oh_emp_details_o02__i01

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