• So… what's everyone going to be for Halloween??

    We really want to make Miles into Anubis. It will take some finessing. Not sure if it's even possible to create such an outfit, but we're going to try. Lexi's either going to be Cleopatra or a harem girl. We'll see how Anubis goes...lol :p

    :eek: Wish us luck!

  • If anyone can do it, you can!! Lots of luck…looking forward to the pictures, as usual!!

  • that's too cute.. I'll just make mine into a dingo….p.s that's a joke since that's what pple think he is sometimes

  • hahaha a dingo 😃 I think Lexi would look great as a harem girl.

  • I made Cooper's Halloween costume a few nights ago, after realizing that last year's was made when he was still growing!

    I found the perfect fabric to turn my B mix into a Jedi. I think he's going to use his Jedi mind tricks to get some super treats!

    The costume features a large hood. It looks like he's got the robe open from the front, but from the side it has a tie.

    He wasn't being cooperative for the photo…

  • Cooper is well on his way to being a Jedi. Great job with the costume, subaruthie. You gave me an idea . . . I think Daisy just might make a good Yoda - what d'ya think?

    😃 This is actually her Puppy Class graduation picture at Pet Smart. The cap between the ears - she wasn't enjoying this at all!! But a Yoda, with the right cap to keep the ears to the sides . . . Any ideas?

  • Cute Jedi! Jill - LMAO!! She's the perfect Yoda!

  • LOL…I think YODA is great!! Maybe I'll dress up C3PO as um..well C3PO 😃 😃 LOL LOL...and TOPAZ can be R2D2...ROFL ROFL....

    Bdawg..I'll need your assistance for this one 🙂

  • We went to the craft store last night… We bought supplies. We'll see how the dry run goes tonight. Hopefully my hubby's "vision" will come to fruition. I think Lexi's going to be a mummy instead of Cleopatra. 🙂 Stay tuned...

  • Okay, don't judge us yet!! We're fitting Miles into the pattern piece we constructed… lol... It looks awful right now, but it has potential!! 🙂 Just wait until we're done!! 🙂

  • @BDawg:

    Okay, don't judge us yet!! We're fitting Miles into the pattern piece we constructed… lol... It looks awful right now, but it has potential!! 🙂 Just wait until we're done!! 🙂

    OK - won't judge, but what a good sport he is being. Are those things around Miles' legs - Reflectors??? Really cool!

    As I reply here, Duke and Daisy are at a "hilt" with an arguement - gotta go!

  • ha! Reflectors?! No, that was just computer paper and magic marker. The first cuff I made looked like a Swedish flag… So I colored a bunch of different kinds. Then I found some hieroglyphics- we're going to spell out his name in glue with hieroglyphics on the cuffs and then spray paint over them so it just looks raised. Hubby made the foam headpiece last night. One of the key elements is making sure the collar piece will hold the upper head piece in place. Even though this is King Tut (and we're making Anubis), here are some pictures we're using for reference: 🙂


  • Okay… more developments... Here's the foam version. I think we are going to elongate the collar. And of course it has to be spray painted with gold stripes. And we have to do the bangles on his legs... but it's coming along. 🙂

  • More developments:

    Jewels are in place… Still need to add the cobra head (hubby sculpted out of putty) and his wristbands (still drying) but...

  • Miles really is being a good sport! You and you hubby have done a great job, BDawg! Miles looks very regal and handsome!
    Stormie is going to be a skunk! lol! I ordered the costume last week - should be here soon!

  • Miles is so stoic. I thought for sure he'd tolerate a head piece more than Lexi. And he does. But we built the costume to accommodate him. We made she he could move his head and his ears weren't being pinned down (what we thought would be his biggest complaint ;)) We're working on wrapping Lexi up as a mummy right now. We got this special muslin cloth and tore it into strips. Now we're playing with different ways to wrap her to make sure she can still move and to avoid any "marks" on her costume when she goes to the bathroom. :eek:

  • Stormie the skunk… how cute is that?! I love your big guy!!

  • Here's Lexi… 🙂 lol...

  • BDawg (& hubby), I bow in your general direction! They are both adorable!!

  • Oh! Just wait until you see the cobra piece! It totally makes the head dress!! We cut sequins to form the snake's eyes and even put jewels on the cobra's back! It looks awesome! And the wristbands look great too!! 🙂 Can't wait for them to finish drying!

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