• I just got my new DrsFoster&Smith catalog and normally I'm not one for dressing up my dogs, however I did think some of the doggie halloweeen costumes are pretty funny - I especially liked the little white dog being eaten by the dinosaur (http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=17978&prodid=35393&catid=45) 😃 😃 😃

  • Cute… but it's no Miles... 😉

    Or Lexi… hehehehe

  • Omg! Those are great! I love the mummy 🙂

  • God, I love dressing up "my kids"! hehehehe

    And you can really tell she likes it… 🙂

    My rich bitch.

    The Bone Burglar

  • Lol- your dogs have more clothes than I do! Those are all great! I've only bought one outfit for Kitiara. It was a cute little red sundress. I put it on her, turned around for about 5 seconds and the dress was torn to shreds.

  • Lexi LOVES to be dressed up. She'll even hold her paw up to put it in the sleeves for you. She's very good. I think she just likes the attention. She doesn't like things on her head, but she'll do just about anything if I ask her. She's just really good like that. Miles.. well, he'll tolerate a few things. I ought to find that lion costume I bought him last year for Halloween. His ears stick thru the top and he's got a furry mane… but he's too fat to velcro is shut, so he can't wear it this year. ha! He's gotta go on a diet. Ok, ok... and I need to exercise more!

  • How do you get them to wear boots, I tried some on Indi last night to gaurd his paws from the hot pavement and he acted like I was torturing him. After about 5 mins i had to take them off because I couldn't get him to quit throwing a fit

  • Thank you for the wonderful pictures. I wish my B's tolerated costumes. The closest time I came to actually dressing up one of our dogs was with a Batman costume. The mask was a no go, but when the B 500 started with the intent to try and dislodge the body of the costume, that cape flying in the wind was as impressive as all the special effects in any Hollywood movie!!

  • The christmas picture is pretty funny - the bottle should have been between his paws (or maybe it was and that's why the funny face :D).

  • I've had Lexi since she was a puppy. Most of the pics are of her. She lets me do whatever. I raised her to allow me to touch her feet and to be tolerant of being handled. And she really just likes the attention. Putting little outfits on demands that you get on the floor with her and talk to her and stuff. She just really likes it. And she loves taking pictures. You turn on your camera and she comes running!! You can pose her and ask her to "stay" and she'll hold the pose. And then of course you just point in the air where you want her to look and she'll hold the pose AND put her head in the right place. LOL… She is special.

    We don't have the running shoes any more... mainly because we didn't NEED them. She hates the snow and it doesn't get THAT hot here. I just thought they were cute and matched her running harness. ha! 🙂

    As for the Christmas picture- it was caught mid-yawn. I got lucky! ha

  • BDawg,

    What will the Halloween costume's be this year? I know you have something fantastic in the works.

  • I have no idea… but I did see a really cute Elvis costume today. hahahah

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