• Well it was fun this was Jaden's first Halloween and he had a blast we had the leash on him so could not get out the door he loved everyone mask and all. Like you got candy now what about me pet me his hair never came up one time. Now for the rest of the story Jaycee well she did not care for these kids at the door her hair was up this was her second holiday but after kids get candy she would wag her tail like good now they will leave kind of funny.

    Rita Jean

  • All b's (and dogs) handle this time of year differently. But good for you for leashing your 'kids'. With all the commotion at the door it would be very easy for a basenji to slip away unnoticed. Glad you all had a fun time!

  • Glad Jaden enjoyed himself, sounds like Jaycee wondered what all the fuss was about 😉
    I'm sure it's time we saw some pics of your two Rita Jean 😉

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