• Perhaps this should be in the "behavioral issues" area?

    Booger knows when we are leaving. When I leave I kiss his head, scratch his ears, say "I love you. Have a good day & be good." When I do this routine, he always grumbles as if to say "I'm mad at you for leaving." Andrew mentioned recently Booger had nipped at his legs when he was getting ready for work. Today we came home briefly, took them out for 5 minutes to potty & immediately went back out. As I walked down the stairs & out the door, Booger nipped my legs!! It didn't hurt & it obviously wasn't intended to hurt… just more of a "Pay attention to me" thing I think. It was funny, but I wasn't sure what it meant. He's obviously upset we're leaving... will this lead to worse behavior? Or is he just showing his displeasure? Should we curb this by changing our routine & making it less obvious we're leaving? He does not do crates, so he sometimes follows us to the door when we leave (other times stops at the top of the stairs to watch because he knows he's not coming with us).

  • our kids do the same thing too except for the nipping part. I think first I would try not making a routine out of leaving. So they expect you to do what you do and they get upset. Maybe that may help. You could also try a treat right before you walk out the door to distract Booger.

  • My B does that too. We have gates up and some times we step over them rather than swing them open to leave. We've gotten nipped on the butt! I've started getting him used to sitting and staying as I leave the room, and treating and praising him when he stays calm. It's been working petty well. Good luck!

  • As they say, you should not make a big deal or any kind of a deal when you leave… that only serves to excite them....
    I would not make any fuss at all... just go....

    When we leave the house.. we just go.... no fuss... at all... just leave..

  • Shelby does this too! She realizes I'm leaving when I get my purse and keys. She trys to grab onto my legs with her paws and nips the back of my knees and legs. Sometimes she jumps up to try to grab the keys from my hands and she also trys to lure me into playing with her. Completely adorable.

  • Part of the problem is that when you come back, there is way too much greeting..lots of high voices, pets, treats…
    Coming and going should be like you were going to the garage to do the laundry.
    You go out, you come back and its all calm and good.
    No big deals or drama from leaving and none when you come home.
    When you come in, walk in, put your stuff down, take the dogs for a walk and WHEN you get back from the walk then you can do lots of "snuggles".
    Myself, I think the b's do best with routine.
    They know about the time they eat in the am/pm, when we will be doing walkies and when I have to go to work.
    I have had to come back home for something I forgot, and they were both asleep in my bed...
    So, do try this.
    It does work at my house.

  • Mine don't even get out of bed when I leave…. Ted gets them up when he leaves... out to go potty.. and then they are back in... usually to bed.... they really could not care less...
    Years ago when they were young, we put them in the dog room, and they all understood what was going on... and there was never a problem....

  • Routine is definitely the way to go with mine anyway. Even on weekends EL D gets up about the same time, then wants his breakfast before he goes back to sleep 🙂
    When I leave the house I always give EL D a treat-filled kong toy and once in awhile (on work days only) I will toss a few kibbles around the house for him to find. It keeps him occupied and he actually looks forward to my leaving :o because he knows he'll get treats.

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