Need to leave my 11 y.o. B-girl for XMas

  • We recently relocated, and don't know anyone with Basenji in the area. Can someone recommend a good sitter or home to leave our good girl? We are near Philly, Chester County. I don't feel comfortable with a sitter that is used to take care of labs and golden retrievers, and knows nothing about Basenjis.

  • have you found a sitter?

  • No, I did not find a sitter. Are you the one? Thx.

  • I have tons of family in Deleware county/Philly. I live about an hour and 20 mins away near Atlantic City. It's a little bit of a drive but I'd be more than happy to help you out. I have a 10yr Basenji. Let me know if you need me! 🙂

  • I know people in Bucks county but not Chester area. Your time is getting short for boarding, so if it looks like that might be the only option, do it pretty quick. Glad to give you my old bucks county vet office who is superb but pet sitters in your area– I don't know of one. 😞

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