Vacation? definitely a leave of absence

  • fender went to the vet today to get his health cert. the vet was concerned about him going to alabama because there is a risk of heartworms there. so i did the test and bought a 6 month suppy of meds (we are going to be gone a whole week, lol). so what should have been a $60 vet visit turned into $160! oh well, he is my baby.
    as many of you recall, my parent's home was damaged recently by a tornado. we are leaving in the wee hours of the morning. i am very happy to get to meet stormie, her new b puppy. i promised pictures. they live down one dirt road, then down another dirt road, so i will be limited to dial up on a dinosaur computer. i will most likely just be checking my email.

  • Can't wait for pics, and good luck!

  • What a good B mom πŸ™‚ And lots of luck with your visit.

  • have a safe & fun trip!

  • have a fun time! I herd about the storms not too long ago I hope they are doing well!
    yes please, pictures when you come back πŸ˜ƒ
    and watch out for those mosquitoes :x there's bad here in Florida too


  • we are back! i had a great time in alabama. lots of basenjis πŸ™‚ mom loved fender and we all love stormy, her puppy. she and fender got along great. delta lost fender yesterday, but he made it into seattle about the same time as i did…only god know how he got there. i gave stormy a bath, i have not bathed a rattlesnake before, but i imagine it is very comparible.
    here are some shots

    sharing a chewy

    double trouble, i mean twice as nice

    hey, how about busting me out of here?

    how about you guys, basenjiforums? how can you resist?

  • Adorable! I love the Double Trouble ooops I mean Twice as Nice!! pic πŸ™‚

  • When you said delta lost fender I thought, Who's Delta? Then I realized what you meant!! Dummy me!! No telling where the poor guy went on his journey home.

  • Absolutely adorable!

  • thanks guys, we had lots of fun. everything was so different, homes gone and crooked trees. despite their losses, my parents were very lucky.

  • Love the pictures of Fender & Stormy. They look like they've know each other for ever! Very clever getting Basenji Forums involved. Yes - I'd let Stormy out - for hugs & kisses. He looks very hard to resist! So cute - both the boys.

  • aww the photos are so cute!
    thanks so much for sharing ❀
    and welcome back


  • Looks like the furkids had a great time!

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