• After searching through past threads, I haven't found any posts about this issue. Duke's pads are very rough and dry. They are not cracked but very scratchy, like very course sand paper. Does anyone have any suggestions for a cream or wax I should use to get them soft again? Daisy's pads are very soft and smooth - probably due to their different breed mixes.

  • We use Shaws Paw Wax, but I was just looking around and found this Mushers Secret wax which seems to be getting rave reviews on amazon.


  • Thanks Alex - I'll try the Mushers Secret. He charges fast and furiously around the yard whenever he sees people and/or dogs out in the front yard - he's engraved a dirt path where we had grass in the yard. I think this is why his paws are so rough. Daisy's so sweet - she'll just stand and watch people/dogs and ignores Dukes manic mode. Rain and melting snow is muddy enemy when Duke does his rant.

  • I just ordered some Mushers Secret, will report back how Chance and Kiya like it. They usually try to lick the wax off right after we apply it, so some tea tree oil also needs to be used right after its applied.

  • Basenjis can be the poster child for "Tree Tea Oil"!!!!!

  • What is it about tea tree oil? It doesn't taste good? If it works, I'll buy that too. Will shop tomorrow - hope Pet Smart carries both.

  • You get tea tree oil at a health store.. or many drugstores carry it… my supermarket has it in the natural foods section.


  • I use tea tree oil on everything. Its the "anti Basenji" tool in our house. Alex will tease me all the time. I apply it to anything I don't want the dogs to lick off. Paws, an insect bite I don't want them to lick, a rash, etc. Its also a great antiseptic and helps the healing process too. I just love it!!!!

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