• Hello All,
    I have a 7 year old Basenji named Lily, that has extremly dry skin. I have tried switching her food within the brand from the small dog formula to the Lamb and Rice and I have had no success. (I buy her Iams) I have also had her thyroid tested and the Vet says no problems there. I have tried fish oil and using a topical spray no success. At this point obviously, I am not sure what to do about her dry skin. I need to get it taken care of quickly because she is currently unable to use any flea products due to having very little oil in her skin to pick up the product, not to mention that she is uncomfortable. If anyone has had this problem I would love to hear your advice on the subject. Thank you very much.

  • She most likely right now is spending much time in the house and your heater is running making the air dry. You may not be using enough fish oil. I give mine 540 mg EPA a day. Look on the back of the label. Take her weight and multiply by 20. So Buddy is 27 lbs x 20 = 540 mg of EPA. I found this formula from a qualified vet in CO that found her patients were not getting any results because the dosage was too low. Give it a try and see in a few weeks if she has gotten better. You can't over dose on fish oil anyway. Also brushing the coat helps stimulate the oil glands as well.

  • Was there a full thyroid panel done? Usually in a general blood workup, it is not a full panel. Also, low normal for a Basenji is too low, what did the results show.

    Also you might want to consider changing foods. She could very easily have food allergies. You might want to try a food with no grains, maybe something like Duck and Potato (Natural Balance) or a pure protein food like Evo.

    You might also try a supplement called 3V caps, I have had good luck with these and here is a link to just one place that has them… you can seach the internet for good prices.

  • Thank you very much! I will look into this, again thank you.

  • @rj1076:

    (I buy her Iams)

    That could be part of the problem. I'm not a fan of Iams. However, that said, try a capsule of fish oil daily. The experts can tell you dosage.

    Ms. Tanza posted this link in another thread. Perhaps you will find it useful:


  • One thing that came to my mind:
    At our vet clinic we sell Science Diet. They have a sensitive skin formula. I find all of their foods to be made in mind of the animals needs and it is highly recommended by our veterinarians. Although it might be more costly..

    More info on the food

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