• I noticed today that Sahara has dry skin, or I think that's what the white stuff is. She had white stuff that looked like dandruff on her coat today. Is this caused by dry skin, she had it last year as well. The manager at Pet Smart's Grooming told me to put alittle olive oil in her dry food. Does anyone else have this problem with their B's and if you do what clears it up? Help!!!!

  • I think there was another thread about this earlier. In Max's case, the flakes turned out to be excema (I think) that required a special shampoo soak that cleared it up. His vet was able to determine what it was just by look/feel of his coat. Since I didn't like to experiment with food/oil/etc. (because Max had IBD), I always had the vet check any skin issues.

  • you could use olive oil, also fish oil works very well, and flaxseed oil is yet another. there are other supplements you could add for a better coat too, minerals and vitamins. I'm fond of sea meal - contains minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and flaxseed meal. you should find out if it's truly just dry skin though. sometimes it can be cleared up w/ just a change in food.

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