Do all basenjis have such soft fur??

  • This may be a dumb question, but do all your basenjis have such soft fur? Tosca has such baby soft fur, especially on her head. I have never met another dog with fur that feels like hers, its like a stuffed animal 🙂
    I didn't know if it was a basenji thing, as I have only met two other basenjis before (a tri and a black/white) and both of them had fur that was much more coarse, not really like Tosca's. However, in some of the pictures on here (especially red/whites) it seems like others have soft fur as well. I know its natural, nothing that I do, because I do not really groom her, and in the year and a half we have had her, she has had only 1 bath.
    Just a curiosity…I love that her fur is so soft, makes me want to pet her all the time! 🙂

  • What do you feed her?

    Indi is a red and white I used to feed him Purina 1 and his fur was very coarse. Then I started feeding him California Natural Lamb and Brown Rice and his fur got extremely soft and petable in about two weeks. It has stayed that way ever since.

  • My two B's have very different coats. Zip's fur is alot longer than Riley's and she's soft everywhere but her hackles. Riley's fur is short and coarse. Someone actually said it was like sandpaper while at the park because I guess it was making her arms itchy. I knew exactly what she was talking about because when we first got him my arms would break out in tiny red bumps from his prickly fur. It doesn't happen anymore because I've probably built up a resistance and his coat is much improved from being on Innova. Now he's only prickly if you pet in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

  • 3 basenjis all have different coats. Our red is the softest. He's from a very good breeder and is 1/4 African. The girls our BRAT rescues. Their coats are getting better but not as soft as Deke.

  • Our girl's coat is smooth and sleek, our new boy's is that rabbit-soft feel.

  • That is very interesting, it seems like they all vary and I maybe got lucky with such a soft one! Do you think red/whites are softer than the rest? Thats kinda how it looks based on pics but I don't know. As for food, I certainly don't feed anything special…actually I use Beneful mixed with Science Diet. I know its not fancy/wonderful but Tosca likes it and is very healthy.

  • I use beneful- all Beneful, Jack loves it. I started on it because my parents dog is on it and her coat is so shiny and silky and soft since she's been on it. Jack actually thinks that the kibble is like treats….he picks it up and eats it on his blanket.

  • I am glad I am not the only one…I have been bashed on here before for using it because people thought it was "junk" but like I said it works well for Tosca! I often put it in her Kong while we are eating, and she gets her meals that way...keeps her out of our faces while we eat!

  • yeah- I hadn't really told anyone here, either, because I was afraid of getting bashed for it…..the thing is, he isn't showing any signs of allergies to it, and if he did, I would change his food. But right now, he loves it!

  • Exactly…same here! I figure millions of people feed their dogs this each day with no problems...I wouldn't doubt it if more people out there use "cheap" versus "Expensive" food, and their dogs do each their own, right? Tosca loves it too, although she loves practically anything, edible or not 🙂

  • cool, I say find the food they like and go for it. Indi started to refuse the purina and the California Natural was only $10 more a bag. So maybe it is the food…I can attest to Jack's silky coat

  • Jylly and Robin….I don't feed Beneful, but I keep a small bag in the house. It's what I use for trades and treats. The dogs love it, and the small kibble is a perfect size for my dieting female who LOVES treats as rewards!!

  • Senji has THE softest fur on the white part of his neck under his lower jaw. The fur around his ears is also very soft. In the winter, he gets very soft and fluffy all over. In the summer, his body hair is short and more coarse.

  • EL D's fur is kind of in the middle - not really coarse but not super soft either. I've tried a number of different kibble brands (now use Innova or Solid Gold) but never noticed any difference in his fur.

  • My two have different coats, but both are very soft. Jazzy's is a bit heavier; Keoki's is thinner, more sleek. But both are wonderful to pet. Jazzy's seems to feel more "huggable"0- you know, smoosh your face into her neck, LOL – while Keoki's you just want to stroke and stroke.

    As for the food, I've fed my dogs what some call "junk" food my whole life and I've always had healthy dogs with beautiful coats and long lives. It really is a to each his own situation, IMO,and no one should be criticized for those choice as long as the dogs are healthy.

    My B's have been on Purina and Kirkland and have done beautifully.

    I currently have them on Merrick's Turducken -- only because Gypsy {14} was beginning to not eat well so I was adding canned food to all their food {you can't give just one the good stuff} but that was getting pricey, and with the Merrick's I can add water AND feed a bit less so the cost comes out about the same as my other foods. So far she eats the Merricks with enthusiasm, and the B's like it too.

  • Shango's fur is as soft as a baby's behind! 🙂

  • I find the black's are very soft and my tri is coarser.

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