• WELL… I GOT MY JACKERS!! He was SOOOO Relieved to be home you could just SEE is in his eyes!! We went and played at the Dog Park because for 2 weeks he was stuck in that tiny kennel!! He had a BLAST. I was a little nervous he would regress because of the whole ordeal but he has been great! Im very pleased!! Animal control agrees with me as well as the police and my husbands command that our neighbors are "crazy" (per the Animal control) and so we have been causious with Jack and will remain that way until we are moved in a couple weeks Yea!! (New housing!!) I cant wait!! Ill be SURE to post some pictures of my Baby back home!! As soon as I get the chance! (we are too busy playing at the moment!!) THANKS to all your support!! 😉

  • That's great. Why was Jack away for the 2 weeks again?

    I know those types of neighbors. One of them reached over the back of our fence and was shaking the fence, when one of the dogs nipped her. My parents said it must have been mine, because theirs was older and had no need to jump up at all, so Medjai had to be on quarantine, but he was able to stay at home, just not go outside.

  • Glad he is home.

  • YAY…Welcome home Jack!!!!!! I bet Aiden is glad to have his buddy back as well! Seriously...be careful of those people...the husband sounds like a complete nut job. You've handled this whole thing way better than I probably would have...and you set a really great example for all of us!!! 😃

  • @renaultf1:

    Seriously…be careful of those people...the husband sounds like a complete nut job.

    I strongly agree!! That guy isn't wrapped tight.

    I am so glad that you have Jack back and I know he is glad to be back with you. Poor little guy probably had no idea why he couldn't be at home!


  • That is great news…. glad that all is well!!!

  • My niece – the one with the three pits -- has a nutty neighbor who complained that the dogs barked too much at her and scared her "WHEN I WAS TRYING TO CLIMB THE FENCE TO GET INTO YOUR YARD." WTH???????

    This woman's husband also had to go to jail........ after shooting at my niece's dh while he was using a weed-whacker in the bushes in their back yard.
    The nutjob claimed that he only shot because Mike didn't answer him when he called out and asked what he was doing.


  • Oh, and YAY YAY YAY!!! That Jack is finally home!

  • I'm so glad. A house just isn't a home without a basenji, or two, or three.

  • Hooray! I can't even imagine being separate from mine for two weeks! Welcome home Jack!!!

  • Good news!

  • I am so glad you got Jack back! YAY! Have fun with your boy. 🙂 i have taken up bike riding with Fender, it was scary at first but now I just yell LEFT when I want to turn and he prances left. 🙂

  • Yay – hooray -- yippee!
    I hope you've given him a suitable welcome home party 🙂

  • Yay! Glad to hear Jack is home safely and that he didn't seem to suffer any setbacks by being away from home. Be careful until you can get moved. Looking forward to reunion pictures.

  • Its funny because he is being TOO GOOD lol. Like "PLEASE Mom, DONT send me back to Jail I promise Ill be good!!" LOL. No set back thus far. We went to the Dog Park today, He had a BLAST stretching his legs and He has been SOOO Pampered by his "Mamaw" (my mom is here visiting) and me and Aiden. In fact, He LOVES the attention from his Mamaw a little more than me i think, lol. He even got his toes painted today (we all did…not Aiden tho) Jack was embarrassed at the Dog Park Im sure! LOL. Ill be posting pics VERY soon I Promise!!! THANKS

  • So glad to hear he is back and doing well. I am also glad that with everything y'all will be moving soon. It's never easy to live with crazy neighbors.

  • So glad that he is back with his family…congratulations!!

  • Hooray! Jackers is back home!

  • So glad to hear that all is well. Congratulations on having Jack back!

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