• SO…Dh and I put Aiden to bed and decided to shower. I had made an 8x8 dish of Betty Brownies and we had eaten about half of it (with help from guests) but hubby brought it upstairs for a late night snack and didnt close our door tight enough before we got in the shower (Jack can open our door no problem unless it clicks). When we came out, DH found the empty dish!!!:eek: "Great, Im calling the vet!!" well the vet told us to give jack 3 teaspoons of Peroxide and wait 15 minutes and it will make him throw up. So we did...poor Jacker made that "smile" face (i call it) and threw up...alot! poor guy, he kept gaging...i felt bad, We've all been there, puking is rough!! I had NO idea Peroxide worked SO well!!!
    He's all better now, sleeping LOL guess it wore him out. He'll think twice before he eats chocolate again! Its not soo good the second time around...but knowing Jack, I wouldnt bet on it....:rolleyes: All is well though, but it gave us a scare and an interesting way to finish off our lovely evening!!

  • I am glad your dog is ok, that is scary! Thats funny you mention the "smile" face, I noticed that too. One morning Tosca and I were just laying around and I fed her a piece of food. She ate it, then made this weird face, I could have sworn she was smiling. Here I thought she maybe liked her food, but sure enough, a second later she was making puking noises. So much thinking it was a genuine smile…lol!

  • I am so sorry you guys had to go through that, I would have been freaking out. Isn't having a B like having another child, you have to watch every move sometimes. haha!!!!! I am so funny about eating chocolate around Sahara, my hubby loves chocolate (not me) and when he leaves candy papers on the table beside his chair I have a fit. I mean get with it, you know Sahara is going to grab those papers, haha!!!! Anyways, I am so glad Jack is OK, poor baby. I think he deserves a good treat today!!!!

  • Poor baby! That's what he gets for stealing those brownies - LOL!
    My friend keeps a "kit" ready at all times to make her Bichon vomit. The little stinker, "Annabelle" eats chocolate any chance she gets!!

  • Poor Baby! I did not know peroxide would make them throw up. Good thing to know since our little baby also likes to get into everything! Glad he is feeling better!

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