• Ive been looking at a bunch of everyones pictures and Ive noticed that Jack is built a little…fuzzier? His tail is WAY thicker than most the B's ive been seeing... is it a cut or what? lol...And I think his face looks a little different too...I know hes pure Basenji, but I was just going out on a limb here and wondering why he looks (Discreetly) different...

  • Many Basenjis have "fat" tails..gggg and his face looks normal to me.. remember there are different lines that throw a different look… if you are look conformation wise on his head, I would say the ears are too low, muzzle looks a little long and snippy and could use more jaw... at least from the picture.... And this is comparing to the standard

  • How old is your B? That might make a little difference if he is still a puppy too. His head looks just fine to me, and I would have to agree, it is probably due to the real nice white on his face with the distinct lines that cause it to look a little 'different'.

  • His face looks fine to me.

    And Jazzy has a fuzzy tail. My kids call it a squirrel tail. Keoki's on the other hand is very thin and smooth. I'll post photos after I get the kids onto their school work! {provided I remember…...}

  • By the way, these dogs get nervous when you try to snap photos of their tails. I kept getting looks like, "ummm, What are you doing?" :o

    Not sure the photos will really give a good idea, but their tails are quite different. Keoki also often lets his hang down; drives me nuts!

    First Jazzy's fluffy bum:

    And Keoki's skinny-mini:

  • Capt. Jack looks fine to me. Maybe he's just extra fuzzy from the harsh CT winters. See if his fur thins out over the summer.

  • He looks "poifect" to me!

  • Capt. Jack looks fine to me also, I have seen skinny tails and fat fuzzy tails on Basenjis. I am sure it is all tied up in genes, and his head and face are so cute to me. He is unique,and I am sure favors his other littermates.

  • Yes, there is lots of variation in tail width, length, curl and fluffiness. And the same can be said about coat texture..some basenjis carry a slight undercoat year round…some, not at all. He looks like a totally normal basenji to me!

    I have seen heads just like Jack's on show dogs. Again, there are many different types of head styles...different people like different things, and they can all fall under the description of the standard.

  • **I had no idea there were so many distinct differences! Im glad to know there is at least one other B out there with a fuzzy tail! lol. His is like that year round. I, at first, was thinking it could be a difference between the African Bred and American Bred B's…I have NO idea how to tell which Jack is...I tried to get a couple more pictures of Jack from different angles (for those of you sent me private messages about it). Good to know that Jack is normal...LOL, with his look anyway!! (Oh and he is about 6 or 7 we think)

    I was wondering just for interest reasons, what Judges look for marking and build wise for Basenji's and if there is a specific color they tend to go for. DH and I have been watching dog shows and a red B placed 4 in Hound Group and we were SOOO excited!!! lol!!

    These were taken with a camera phone (sorry)**

  • BTW, I LOVE LOVE That perfect curl Jazz Has on the Tail!!! wow

  • Well…different judges look for different things. Red is by far the most prevalent color for Bs...so you will see more of them winning. But there are a few judges that just don't like a certain color, and won't put them up. That is getting better over the years...a few years ago tris were doing a lot of winning, and now there are some great looking black dogs out there. Each color seems to have a moment in the sun.

    Judges who are really concerned about picking the best specimens (and there are some that don't know or care) usually look at physical structure first (does the dog move right? are the proportions and angles correct?) and then make sure that the dog has what we call 'breed type'...or the things that make a Basenji look like a Basenji. And then they often look at how 'showy' a dog is..that would be things like how much does the dog enjoy showing off, how much white marking? is it flattering to the dog? Just HOW curly is the tail? That stuff is kind of personal taste, and kind of frosting on the cake.

    Hope that helps 🙂

  • @Capt_Jack_our_Basenji:

    BTW, I LOVE LOVE That perfect curl Jazz Has on the Tail!!! wow

    Thanks {as if I had anything to do with it}.

    Her tail is also thick year round. And her coat is heavier than Keoki's also. They have totally different feels – his is more ...hmmmm, silky feeling when you slid your hand down his side.
    They are both acceptable coats and tails. At least, Jazzy got her Championship with that fuzzy tail and thick coat, and Keoki got a couple of blue ribbons with his thin, smooth, loose tail and thin, smooth coat before we cut his career short {;) }.

    I think Jack is a gorgeous boy......and I think he knows it, too!

  • Right now the top winning dogs are Tris… Klassy and Blade (think that is his call name...)

  • @tanza:

    Right now the top winning dogs are Tris… Klassy and Blade (think that is his call name...)

    Odd, when everyone knows the R/W's are prettier. 😃 :p :rolleyes:

  • @tanza:

    Right now the top winning dogs are Tris… Klassy and Blade (think that is his call name...)

    good point Pat…it wasn't really a few years ago! Tris have been doing great ever since Tootsie's career really took off. I was thinking back to Toots instead of thinking of who is out there right now.

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