• We finally caught Jack in his HYPER Mode!! Running all the way down and back up 15 stairs everytime he leaves the video screen, then bolts back into our bedroom over the bed around the room and back out and down the stairs again!! He is SOOOOOO FAST!! :eek: I love when he gets this excited, its usually (in this case) When my husband gets home from work! (and yes, thats mny hisband "baroo"ing in the video!! LOL…Jack LOVES it when he does that! Its funny, ENJOY!!!


  • super cute. Isnt it the best when you can see them expressing their excitement to see you!!

  • Great imitation, does your husband have a curly tail he is hiding?

    Jack sure seems like happy dog!

  • Jack is sure having a good time running the B500!!! Hollie always incorporates our bed in the running too!! I can't wait to see what she does when we move and get more room. Thanks for sharing the video!!!

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