• Wait till your kid throws up and it's a mad dash on who can get to it first.

    Dogs can be so disgusting!

  • I will not mention what dogs will try to do with the babies dirty nappies…
    Make sure to put them up where the dog can't get them...or under the sink in a locked container.
    My great neice came over last weekend with 16 mo old Baby Joseph James...
    She doesn't have dogs.
    Let me just say, it was not pretty!

  • this topic is so gross! LOL…..

  • Yep - veering off topic, but because Capt Jack's mom is due anytime . . . the inevitable is bound to happen. Unless, someone gives her a heads up to take extra care Jack doesn't get the chance to indulge in the "gross". Let us know, IF you can find the time after you deliver, Jack's mom. From my own experience, poor little Jack will be put on the back burner for quite

  • What the heck happened? Too many "Post Quick Replies" without my approval??

  • Maybe a BURP in the system???
    Sorry, couldn't resist!

  • Haa-haa! - a BURP!! Do you know how hard it is to type with Duke on my lap between my arms, in front of the screen? A li'l hard to be perfect.

  • **HAHAA!! Well i must say, im not looking forward to JAck getting into all the babys things…including the gross stuff!! Im going to post a topic actually about the babys room is you all could take a moment to read and post to it, id LOVE ANY and ALL advice about Basenji's and my soon to be Baby Hayes!! lol


  • Dogs are the clean up crew of the household kingdom, be it toys or garbage,

  • Yes, its not too early to get the trashcans locked up.
    However, you will only "forget" to p/u the items once.
    The bad news is the dirty "items" can make the dog very sick.
    Running to the vet sick.
    The plastic alone is scary, what that can do to the internal workings of a b's tummy.

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