• My mom owns the basenji (Penny), but we have her over often and we're watching her the entire weekend while she's out of town. The problem is she is lately shedding LIKE CRAZY! It has been hot, so I don't know if it's from that…possibly diet change? She normally doesn't shed much at all so this is new and very frustrating. I keep brushing her and brushing her (outside b/c it just flys all over when I do this), and i gave her a bath this morning which may have helped some, but I can't touch her or she loses more.
    Anyway, anyone have experience with this or advice for what to do?

  • Ours do this every so often…. we just brush a lot, put a sheet on the couches so it is easily washable, ZOOMGROOM while bathing, and vacuum a LOT. once they quit, it is much much better... took a few weeks... also, we have found that using dryer sheets with the laundry helps keep it off our clothes/stuff. Not fun. 😞 but they are not doing it now. so maybe it is just an every so often thing.

  • My baby senji is shedding but I assume it's puppy coat. My other two had minimal shedding… but they got very high quality kibble and raw so coats were great.

  • I find it's been a heavy year for shedding, not just basenji's but other breeds as well. My male is still shedding and looks like he rolled in mothballs. His coat was very thick this year as well. I'm just bathing, brushing and once every two weeks using the hot oil treatment on his coat.

  • Shaye's coat is very short, but she seems to be shedding quite a lot - I brush her, and lots of hair flies - it's like her coat is getting even shorter because of the very hot summer we're having. It's making all the scars show up that she has gotten from getting too close to the cat's bad mood. My B mix sheds a little constantly, and that hasn't changed.

  • I'm in Texas (hot) and Bella has been shedding horribly. I can lightly grab a fold of skin, pull without using any force and come away with 10-15 hairs easily. She is leaving hair all over the house, but seems to have plenty more. Otherwise is perfectly healthy. Not sure what is going on but am guessing the heat?

  • Cairo is almost 8 months now, its hot here in Eastern KY. I think that he was just loseing his puppy coat, but he has been shedding like crazy for the past month. All his fine, softer fur is about gone except for the back of his neck. He's gettin' better looking everyday he gets older. Still mischevious as I-don't-know-what.

  • Stress maybe?

  • For all those with puppies, this is the age (6 to 9 months) that they will shed their puppy coats…..

  • Mine always seem to shed when others are in their best coats - usually in the show 'season'!!! Its quite a joke amongst my showing friends. On the other hand whe nothers are at their worst mine are at their best!!!

  • All of mine are having a longer and larger shed right now than is usual. I think it because it has been unusually hot and humid for a longer time than normal.

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