What does your basenji like to rip?

  • I have had Lillie in my life for 4 1/2 months. This is what she has ripped up and continues to rip:
    Mattress cover
    Dining room chairs
    Plastic Bags (all sizes, shapes, colors)
    Cotton Balls
    Wood (any kind, anywhere)

    Will this ever stop? She is definitely keeping me in shape as I have to run after her always (at least 13-26 steps) a day! I guess I should be thanking her since there is no reason for me to go to the gym:D


  • I told my hubby today that we should have named Sahara, Chewey from the Star Wars series. She will chew on anything available, I just found an antique table today in my living room that has a chewed corner. Then I found that 2 chaise chairs that hubby bought yesterday and put in living room until he could move them outside had chewed arms. He was sooooo mad, he said they cost me $100 a piece, I said you shouldn't have put them where she would get to them. I give her lots of things to chew on, rawhide, bully sticks from Merrick, toys you name it, I try it to get her to stop chewing my stuff. I sprayed Bitter Apple on my antique table, we will see if that helps. Oh did I mention that she has chewed on my coffeetable that is almost new. Good thing we love her sooooooo much are she would be gone. She also loves toilet paper, underwear, bras, hairbrush, toothbrush(had to throw this away of course)paper towels, anything wood or plastic. You gotta love these creatures. haha!!!!!:D

  • That's right…I forgot...Lillie loves plastic, especially hard plastic. She will be on my deck, very nicely and quietly and then she realizes that my plastic table needs a leg chewed to match the other 3 chewed legs.
    She chewed all 4 dining room chairs, one corner of my dining room table, a wood plant holder, a wood table. What she loves the most...to go in my son's room, take everything off his dresser, toys, statues, etc. and sit on the rug and chew and/or rip. But, you are so right...she is so damn cute...how can I get mad at her!;)
    By the way, today I bought the largest bottle of Bitter Apple. Hope it works. Lillie has plenty of toys...nylabone bones. Never tried rawhide bones or bully sticks, but I have gotten her Merrick schnoozles. She loves them but they only last about 30 min.

  • Try the bully stickes… sound like she really needs something yummy to chew.. the bigger one last quite a while, but please note the first couple you give her could disappear immediatley... because she is craving something to chew....

  • Yea, I buy the 12" ones and cut them in like 4" pieces, it takes a really sharpe knife, I use a bread knife b/c they are so hard. They love them, you will see.

  • Miles has chewed toilet paper, Q-tips, napkins, and underwear recently. I think your best bet is to get a squirt bottle and shoot them when you find them mid-act.

  • Corky doesn't chew on much anymore except q-tips, paper and the occational pillow. During his first year he chewed countless pairs of my shoes (including brand new ones he snagged off the table) and ripped a couple of my sweaters.

  • I tried the squirt bottle…unfortunately, I left it on my kitchen table...Lillie got it and chewed the squirt part. I will definitely try the bully sticks. What are they exactly? As I mentioned, I have never given Lillie rawhide. Are bully sticks safe to leave with her if no one is home? Thanks.

  • http://www.bullysticks.com/

    Some are very put off by the content …. but I love them for my kids...

    I never think it is a good idea to leave them alone with any kind of chew, unless they have dozens.. and only chew sometimes... which they tend to do once they have lots and it is not a novelty any longer....

  • Pat-

    Thanks for the info. When I went on the website, I was alittle shocked. I had no idea that is what a bully stick is.:eek: I'll order some..I'm sure Lillie will love them.


  • Just think how shocked the bull was when he found out..:(

  • I'd rather not think about the bull:D


  • I thought they were originally tendons too when I first bought them then I read on here what they really were and could not stop laughing.

    Zahra loves these things though they make her happy and I guess I will just have to get over the thought.

  • @Jodie:


    Thanks for the info. When I went on the website, I was alittle shocked. I had no idea that is what a bully stick is.:eek: I'll order some..I'm sure Lillie will love them.


    LOL… I am sure she will...

  • Oh, I meant to post about what Zahra likes to rip up - Berber carpet she has destroyed the carpet in this house.

    She also chewed through the electrical cord to the lights in the ground in the backyard. Thankfully she didn't get zapped although I don't know how because they were plugged into the timer. She could have been turned into a Poodle! She is also saved because I don't think DH has still realized that they are gone (He was gone for 8 months and hasn't figured out that they are gone yet, I removed the timer from the side out of the house and dug up all of the electrical wire and threw it out).

  • Hey, I couldn't believe they were bull ????? until I sent Merrick's an email and they told me what they were. So I got it from the horses mouth, duh, Bull's, but I gotta say Sahara loves them so I will get them for her. I would not leave my baby with anything to chew on while I am out. I like to be around and check on her when she is chewing on a bully stick, rawhide or anything else that requires intense chewing.

  • Jodie, I wanted to add to make sure Lillie is well exercised. Dash chews mostly when he has not got to run that day. Other wise he is passed out asleep.

  • Jodie…yes I too was going to suggest a good work out. They more tired they are the less likely to chew things.

    You could also put Vicks VapoRub or use a solid deodorant on the stuff you don't want chewed & it usually stops them from chewing that item.

    BTW-I'm in NJ...not too far from Staten Island!!

  • Well, i guess im lucky for now, Jack isnt interested in ripping anything except HIS blanket, and ONLY when hes angry or REALLY excited (when we play). and he gets corrected when he does that (and i catch him) lol. He does do somthing a little weird in my opinion; When my hubby or me gets out of the shower, Jack likes to rub on the floor wherever we dry off. (im sure its for the smells) but still i hate it, its weird. He also gets these random Surges of energy and does a little jump circle thing or rolls hid head in a circle. (LOL) hes so weird sometimes, MUST be a Basenji thing, I wouldnt understand…

  • Just be thankful that when you get out of the shower he doesn't try to lick you dry like Sugar-mmmmm, MOM, mmmmm, you're wet, mmmm, must dry, mmmm.

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