Where does your basenji like to be rubbed?

  • Lillie LOVES to have her back rubbed. She will stand next to me and that is a sign she wants her back rubbed. She can stand there for hours! This is so unusual for me because all my other past dogs loved their bellies rubbed.

    Is this a basenji trait or just a Lillie preference?


  • My B's love having their ears rubbed…. we stroke the insides and they just melt.... My Kistii loves to have her neck and back "kneed" ..ggg... like a big blob of dough

  • Duke loves when I massage his head and face all around his ears. Along with that he loves his ears gently rubbed inside and out. It must be relaxing for him because his eyes close while he leans in on whichever side I'm massaging. Sometimes I finish both sides at the same time - all hands on deck. What lucky pups!!

  • Jazzy loves to lie on her back in our arms and have her tummy rubbed. She'll hang her head over our arms backwards and go to sleep!

    Keoki seems to like having his sides rubbed down.

  • Garrett likes his lower back/butt area rubbed he positions himself so you can get just the right spot!

  • My last B, Max, loved to have the end of his back right before the tail scratched and especially loved having his chest scratched. He didn't care for belly rubs at all. My new little girl, Zoey, goes into a trance having her belly lightly stroked. My new little boy, Tyler, likes to be held in my lap and have his belly stroked and he also likes the "butt scratch" like Max did.

  • Our B also stands in front of us waiting for us to rub his back. He'll scratch me so I can rub him. He loves to be massaged especially on her face and ears.

  • Along with that he loves his ears gently rubbed inside and out. It must be relaxing for him because his eyes close while he leans in on whichever side I'm massaging

    I love this when they are so relax they close their eyes..aaahhh 🙂

    C3PO also loves to stand in front of you & he rubs his neck on your leg to show he wants his neck rubbed..it's so weird the way he does this. Kinda like say…"hey right here that's where I like the scratching..right here on my neck" LOL 😃 He's too funy.

    Topaz isn't really particular about rubs or scratches she just likes to lay on your lap 🙂

  • Nala likes her chest rubbed. She sits and "scoots" to get herself postioned for you to rub her chest. She then closes her eyes and her ears relax into "the flying nun" position and nearly falls over sometimes. It's hysterical. She does like it when you rub her ears inside and out, she kind of groans while you do that.

  • Back-side-ears-wherever-as long as they're close to me!

  • Senji likes to have his throat and neck scratched. He stretches his neck up and tips his head back with his eyes closed. And if you stop, he smacks you with his paw. He also likes to have his chest scratched and belly rubs. If I walk into the room, he immediately rolls over on his back for a belly rub.

  • Sahara will jump in the recliner and stand in between my legs, butt facing me and wait for me to scratch her ham hocks (you know the top of her back legs. She also likes for you to scratch her on the back right in front of her tail, her skin sometimes flakes there so I guess the skin is dry. She will close her eyes and stay as long as you keep it up.

  • OOOOH THE BELLY !! My girls love their bellies rubbed. They will turn on their backs and scoot up next to me. If I don't rub their bellies right away, they nudge on my hand until I do!! In no time they are snoring….zzzzz ....
    Isn't it funny how loud a B can snor ?????

  • dash loves to be scratched on the back of the neck. around where his microchip is.

  • Jojo likes to be rubbed "all over" but she really seems to enjoy the area around her tail the most…her dad puts his fingers around each side of her tail and kneads the area and she melts...

  • Magnum loves to have his back-end rubbed and scratched. In fact, I have a little song I sing while I do it:

    Rubbala, rubbala, rub my bum
    Rubbala, rubbala, rub my bum
    Scritchala, scritchala, scritch my bum
    Scritchala, scritchala, scritch my bum

    Back and forth forever (or until my hand gets tired).

    Do you think it's strange that I'm the only one in my family who'll do this for my boy?!?! 😕 (In fact, if he "assumes the position," my son and husband will send him directly to me for bum rubbing.)

    I know, I'm weird. 😃

  • I think that is great that you came up with a song to go along with the "bum" scratching. I started this off by saying that Lillie likes her back rubbed. I have noticed lately that she likes it even more if I continue rubbing her more towards her "bum" and down her thighs. I am not as creative as you are. The only thing she hears when I scratch her is "hey Lillie girl…who's a pretty girl..Mommy loves you! Not very original!:D


  • Thanks, Jodie. I don't think Mags gives a rip about the song ("Just rub and scratch, no singing necessary, PLEASE!"), but it makes me feel happy!

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