"Oh i LOVE those long legged Jack Russells"

  • Does anyone else hear this ALL the time with their basenjis?? I get it almost every time i take Maya out for a walk, i've given up trying to explain to my neighbour that she's not a jack russell, im pretty sure he only knows 3 breeds - labs, jack russells and Staffies :rolleyes: Poor Maya even got it around the ring at a recent show :eek:

    Maybe its her markings/colouring.. I found it quite amusing at first and explained to people what she was and then they'd always ask questions and i'd be stuck there for about 10 mins talking about the breed - not brilliant when you have horses to ride and house to clean :rolleyes: So now i just say "yeah, me too" 😃

  • yes it is the markings, as my two r/w basenjis are often seen as some kind of pure bred dog, but my tricolors are often " long legged jacks" or " foxies/ boerenfoxies" a boerenfox is a dutch not recognized type of dog that have been used by farmers a lot to keep rats etc away, please google on boerenfox and you can see it. They do say with it "oh it is so elegant for a boerenfox" :lol:

  • Houston

    I did google and yes they do look a alot alike. But I still think there is no way they look like Jack Russells.

  • Most people have no idea what dog breeds look like. There was another thread like this one where I posted pics of my dogs and the statments people have made about them.

    My husband was standing outside the grocery store with Nicky (r/w) and Rally (b/w) while I ran in a grabbed some things. A woman approached him and said, "What a lovely basenji," pointing to Nicky, "Do you think your border collie mix might have some basenji in it?" pointing to Rally. Now, Rally is (IMO) a gorgeous basenji and a beautiful example of the breed (thank you Robyn for letting her come to California). Why would anyone think she was a border collie mix when they obviously know what a basenji is? Because she is black and white and didn't you know they don't come in that color. I had someone in downtown Davis emphatically insist that the breeder had lied to me and she must a be a mix because they do NOT come in that color! He didn't really know how to respond to "someone must not have told the judges that awarded her enough points to gain her AKC Championship that".

    And just because I am so darn proud of my girl here are some pics of her.


  • And for anyone who wants to check out the other thread with the side by side photos here is the link.


  • First Basenji's

    I agree, I just don't see the Jack Russell, but I guess they do look a little like the boerenfox, if you close one eye, and squint 🙂 .

  • Houston

    Ivoss, that post made me laugh so hard, thank you for that..

    yes squint, tilt your head to the left and turn three times…you're right they do look like boerenfox.

  • The BW Basenjis do remind me of Border Collies. Although I know the difference. I can see how someone might be confused, but it's seems odd that someone would recognize only one of two Basenjis standing next to each other.

  • @lvoss:

    And just because I am so darn proud of my girl here are some pics of her.

    You should be, she is stunning…..

  • it is so funny to hear you all talk about Boerenfox 😃
    I dont think they look very similar, but most boerenfox are mixes anyway, it is just a type of dog, and some jack russell mixes will be bigger then jack russells and will be named boerenfox also…. it is also the case here in the Netherlands that the Jacks are VERY popular and most of them have no pedigrees and are just mixes of similar dogs, now they also have black & tan jack russells....they bred dachshund in there and most people are too stupid to see that 😃 so puppyfarmers have nice income cause of that 😞

  • We get "Rat terrier?" all the time.

  • 90% of the time I get….. "Are they twins???"

    (Um, no. 11 1/2 year old brindle male and a 6 1/2 year old female, R/W?!?!)

  • We get asked if they are rat terriers, and indeed "Giant" Rat terriers do look like tailless basenjis! We have a friend with 2 'rat' siblings, one is about 10 pounds and the other is bigger than Eddie and looks just like the basenjis, except for the tail! All mine are tris or B/W, but a few people recognize them as basenjis anyway.

  • I always think, if someone has to ask what they are, they are obviously impressed with what they see, they might be ignorant to the breed but are trying to work it out, your dog has made an impression and so you should be proud of that. Yes, if you're shopping and it takes up a bit of your time to stop and explain what you have, it's a bit of a drag, however, how nice is it that your dog looks sooooooo gooood, that someone wants to ask about them!!

  • lukris, I agree completely. I am usually more than happy to talk to people about B's. I often get the Jack Russell comment also. Yesterday I got a "drive by" compliment by a kid on a bike. I was walking down the street with Arleigh and heard the bike from behind so I made sure we were well off the road (I never know if he's going to react-sometimes yes, sometimes could care less) and as this kid, probably about 14, zips by he yells out "cute dog!" I said "Thanks!" and the boy is gone, up over the bridge. But that's kinda what it means to have a breed as unique as ours. Accept the
    "drive-by's" but also take the time, if you can, to talk to folks, possibly educate them. You never know, they may end up future members here because of your good works!:D

  • Whenever we go for our walks there is someone who will ask what kind of dog I have. I think of all the people that have asked a very few of them knew the breed. I had one lady stop and get out to ask all about my Sahara, her husband was in the car waiting and I told her all about the breed. We talked about it for about 20 minutes and I told her she needed to look up a good breeder if she was interested in getting one. I think she just might have done that, and I hope also that she became knowledgeable about the breed.

  • I enjoy getting the dogs out and about, it's always a good time to educate people. I've certainly heard the gamit of breeds people think they are. Most of the time because of the general size they expect the kids are some kind of terrier or mix. Most often Jack Russels, but everything up to an Akita. And for some reason when they really think they know what it is, they keep thinking Australian, instead of African.

    The blacks definitely get a more confusing look. Quite often people would see my reds and brindles, and then look at Louie with either "so what is he?" or "is that the same kind?". Also it's amazing how many people don't realize that the brindle is actually a different color. lol My Cleo is quite heavily marked and very distinct, but a lot of people just look at them and ask how the heck i tell them apart? Then they say, "well this one is a little bit darker?". :rolleyes:

    And I get a lot of the relative comments too. I have a funny side comment to that though. I used to work at a horse camp and we had a big Belgian draft male, and at the same time a small Shetland pony boy. They were both chestnut, although I think the pony was actually a silver bay. It was amazing how many kids and parents thought they were mother/son standing around in the pasture together. Especially since the big boy's "parts" were rather prominent and eye level. lol

  • I always explain that my Basenjis are the new breed "Shorthaired Miniature Border Collies" to get the people go their way…..they never understand that Basenjis are not only coming in red and white.... rolleyes


  • haha that reminds me that some people think they are shorthaired shiba's and sometimes when my basenjis put their backhairs up ( like you all know they do often ) some people think it is a ridgeback 😃

    and about the mini border collies….well if people decide to buy a Basenji because of that , they will definately need a shrink when they find out how a basenji is in contradiction to a borden collie hahaha

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