• Any of your dogs scared of the dark?

    Jazzy seems to be. From the time she moved in here, if it is dark outside she is reluctant to go out to potty. She'll stand at the end of the porch and peer out into the yard in the direction of the woods, but won't leave the porch alone unless I walk out and wait for her. The whole time she is doing her business, she keeps looking out into the woods, and once she is finished she makes a beeline for the door.

    If Gypsy is outside with her, she goes out with no problem. Once she is finished then she sits on the edge of the porch peering out at the woods.
    If Gypsy hears something in the woods, she'll take off for the fence, and Jazz will follow her. But Jazz'll never do that alone!

    During the day, she has no qualms about any part of the yard, and loves to go for walks in the woods.

  • Abbey's scared of the dark too. She doesn't like to sit out on the porch at night unless I'm with her. Wonder if this tendency is imprinted on their brains somehow? In Africa there are things out there in the dark that can eat you! That may also be why they move so quick.

  • I was thinking it may have something to do with being sight hounds and visibility being limited at night?
    Just a shot in the dark on that though…no pun intended.

  • I heard a french basenji owner saying her dog was scared just like you are writing Jazz is, and I thought she was jocking but apparently not.
    My 4 don't care about the dark.

  • Bandit won't go beyond the porch light unless I go first or Alfie the Lowchen does….. I thought it may be due to being 2mth old...... just like some children are afraid of the dark.

  • Duke will go out one last time in the evening - but he does his business and comes running right back. We also go out with him. On the other hand, my other dog (a black & tan Chow mix) who's over the rainbow now, would take himself for a walk thru the neighbors back yards and stay out until we whistled for him. In comparison, Duke doesn't like the dark either.

  • Sahara does not like the dark either, I have to go out with her for her evening potty runs. She gets out there and if I am there she will go in the front or back, but will look around the side of the house to make sure I am still there. She is so funny.

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