Coyote attacked my "B"

One of my Basenjis got attacked by a Coyote yesterday! We were out walking and one came out from the edge of a field and chased down my boy Basenji. I was pretty far away, and went running. My dogs are only around 20 something lbs. The girl Basenji is a little lighter, around 19 lbs.Well my boy got away with a puncture in his hind quater only(lucky). The funny part is that the girl, who is a very intense little dog, and a great hunter, went after the Coyote and had it cornered against the fence! She was absolutely ferocious!! So all turned out well. The dogs are like my kids, so I worry. I think the dogs got close to the Coyote den, That's my theory. They have pups right around now. Where I run the dogs is pretty rural, and mostly I worry about Mt. Lions.
I see tracks all the time. A neighbor came home and found a Cougar eating his cat on his front porch!! :eek: -Tim

I'm so glad everyone is okay!

I would have loved to see your little girl chasing down the coyote….I'm sure your heart must have been racing!

I have a sore throat from screaming at the Coyote!!:D


I have a sore throat from screaming at the Coyote!!:D

AND I'd still be suffering from heart palpitations!! :eek:

Last week we were up in the mountains and hiked a trail that doesn't have a lot of "traffic" and joins up with the Appalachian Trail. It was really nice and quiet and the dogs, especially Cory, kept acting like something interesting was ahead. Several years ago in early Spring one of our sons encountered a young bear while hiking the same trail. (Fortunately, neither our son nor the bear were interested in expanding the encounter and they both turned and went in opposite directions.) With that in mind, I found myself wondering what would be the best thing to do if we also ran into a bear. Do we take the time to bend down and pick up the dogs? Jayden goes into "dead weight" mode when you pick him up and feels like he weighs an extra 10 lbs!! Do we try to drag a basenji along still on its leash? Especially since there is a good chance that the basenji will be either wanting to challange the bear's authority or chase it?!?! It would be like trying to run with a ball and chain!! We just kept up a conversation so that a bear would hear us coming and have time to leave the area.


I am so sorry to hear about that. What a scare! An old friend of mine lived in Loveland and his dog was attacked by a mountain lion. The lion jumped into the kennel. Thank god people were around and were able to scare the mountain lion out of the cage. After that they put a lid on the kennel to keep anything from getting in. There lab ended up ok but still… scary.
Thankfully everything turned out ok.

I'm glad you had two so there was one to fight while the other ran. Medjai would just run away, and I'm not sure he can outrun some of the larger wildlife we have in CO.

I know of an incident where a Lion jumped a stockade fence, grabbed a medium sized German Shepard, and jumped back over with the dog!!!!!:eek: Dog never to bea heard from again….SCARY!!!!

It's pretty scary. If you see Coyotes on a regular basis, they just seem to trot along. But they are really fast when they pour it on….It overran my "B", no problem, and he was running for his life!!

I'm glad to hear that you and your b's are ok.

I worry about that every time I walk my dogs in the evening because there are many coyotes around our area. There have been times I've been walking them that I hear the coyotes getting closer and closer and about that time my heart is in my throat. I can't imagine actually seeing one come out and go after my dog. Wow!

Two of my kids are in Southern California, San Bernadino area… when the pup was about 10 months (I placed Mom and one of her pups together), they dug out under the fence to chase a Coyote... for miles.....scared the bejees out of their human Mom! I think it was a female and lead them away from her den, which was later found in the area... Mom Coyote and pups were relocated....

Basenji Mix

Basenjishunt - You are lucky your B wasn't seriously hurt. Glad the coyote wasn't hungry - hopefully just guarding it's den…

Last year, there were a few coyote attacks in our area while dogs were on leads with their humans! A golden retriever was critically injured in one of the attacks and a death of a smaller dog in its yard which faced the park - (don't remember the breed). People routinely walk their dogs in the county park that runs the entire length of a river tributary in our Detroit area suburb. I've learned that coyote will habitate near water. A major concern is how the coyotes are showing no fear of humans. Haven't heard of an attack this year yet - don't know if the DNR (Department of Natural Resources) have removed them (if it is possible). However - about 4 years ago, I actually saw a coyote prancing through my own back yard! I happened to be at the kitchen sink window when this dog (first thought grayish german shepherd) walked thru my unfenced yard to the back, caddy corner neighbors yard. They have a lovely waterfall and coy pond. It might have been driven their by smell. Anyway - haven't seen one since, but am very-very, extremely watchful and cautious when Duke and Daisy are outside. (We have an underground fence - not by choice - long story posted on previous threads.) Coyotes are known to eat small prey - cats and small dogs if the rodent population is sparse.

Wow, crazy! Glad no one was hurt!! My family lives in Georgia in a rural area near Amicolola Falls. They see black bears all the time. They have named them, but my Mom is scared to death that the dogs (my Doberman, my sister's Mastiff, and their Shitzu-Daschund mix) are going to get eaten or mauled. The little one is fearless and runs down to the bear every time. The bear actually turns his back on him– "Ha! What do you think you're gonna do you little half pint!?" But the other two dogs are BIG and go after him. Apparently Apollo ran him into the woods and came back a while later with his hackles still raised but no marks. Crazy!!

Here are pics :

Teddy on the driveway...

Fearless Irwin (who loves to dig into little holes):

My little sister and her dog Apollo:

Apollo and my Dobie, Ayda on the beaver dam:

Wait- is that dog she is holding on her lap or the bear? :p 😉 That is so cute!

Yes, Apollo (pictured there at a year!) still thinks he's a lap dog!

Even though the bit doesn't look bad, make sure you get both dogs looked at by a vet. Ask your vet about boosting vaccines and antibiotics. Wild animal bites (of any type) are very nasty.

Blaze has killed two coyotes now. The first one I didn't even know about, until he came back covered in blood. None of it was his, but we found the coyote the next day at the edge of the fence. Scarey enough, we were out side round the firepit and never heard a thing…
The second time, he was whining to get out of the house, I let him out, thinking he had to go pee. He stood on the deck, staring out past the sheep pen, then made a weird warning snarl sound. The sheep moved to the closer fence to us, then Blaze took off like a shot. I thought he was going to kill the sheep. He ran right past them, that when I saw the grey blur take off. Blaze overtook him no problem and took him down. That was last year when Blaze was twelve.

The coyotes in our area are certainly getting bolder. We hear them a lot at night in the woods, which I've always thought was so cool. But, I think I told you last Summer there was a large one just outside our back yard fence, in early afternoon, while the kids and all three dogs were out there. It seemed not to even notice we were all there.

My niece lives a couple of miles away on the other side of the wooded area. She has five acres, partially wooded, and fenced. The fences are separate different areas of her yard, so she has a fenced dog area w/in the confines of the larger fences {hope that makes sense} She has coyotes in her yard all the time, INSIDE the larger fenced area. Lately, she has had one coyote that hangs near the dog area, in the afternoon, WHILE her three pit bulls are out, and last week she said it appeared to be trying to engage them in play. It freaks her out a bit because she wonders what the next step is, AND she has a 7 mos old baby that she envisions taking out in the yard in the late Summer/early Fall.

I think, sadly, she's going to need to contact DNR or someone about him.

OMG thankfully he is ok

See there is Truth Behind that saying about a womans wrath .. In this case a Female B 🙂 …................. Also Did ur male B get scratched by the coyote or was it a bite ??

Oh, my, Hubby and I are going to Montana in Aug.
He is taking a painting class, and I am going along with the 2 b's.
I was thinking, yea, I can find an open area, no cars around and let them run.
I did think about snakes, but I didn't think about the larger "critters" who could hurt them.
Timely post for me.
Does anyone know, are coyotes out more in the daytime or evening?
Or does it matter?

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