• Just wanted to let you know of mabel's lastest adventure. My youngest daughter was visiting. She of course had her two dogs with her, a samoyed, and a rottie. Rot is 8 months old and eighty pounds. Mabs hates all other dogs, she is very anti-social. I put her in a steel crate that my brother had given me.

    Several hours later tried to get into the bedroom where clown dogs was. The door was locked. Proceeded to take off the doorknob to get into the bedroom where Mabs was. She had managed to slide the tray all the way out of the crate and squeezed out of the cage. Chewed up a pair of shorts for good measure, and somehow managed to lock the door. Never a dull moment around my house.

    Kathy and Mabel

  • LOL! That's too funny! Why is that they seek "revenge" on our clothes? 😉

  • LOL !!! i might not think it so funny when it happends to me…

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