• That is the new nickname for Tiggy and Reggie. My husband and I have instead of saying "the dogs" or using their names when talking about them we just say "the cleaners" :lmao

    They both are right there watching you while you are in the kitchen waiting for the accidental drop of anything. And when we eat, they are right there to supervise and ensure that any morsels that are dropped or spilled are immediately taken care of. Never is there a stray crumb left undiscovered. And the funniest thing is they very very rarely get people food and if any it's only a little bit. They got to like the mixer beaters from mashed potatoes two nights ago and you'd have thought they won the lottery.

    They even go and inspect each others bowls after they are done with own meals. lmao

  • Sounds like my crew. When it was just Deke he wasn't quite as bad. He would clean the floor of crumbs. Now that I have the threesome i'm considering selling the Vaccuum.LOL I feed them separately because their sizes vary and I want to control who is getting what but they check each others bowls also.

  • My DH likes to call ours the Crumb Vaccuums 😃

  • She-Ra helps clean off the Peanut Butter knife (held so she won't cut herself (even though it's a butter knife I've heard stories)) when I'm done with it. Gonna have to try the mashed potato beater this Thanksgiving (it's her first…she's seen this big bird in the fridge but can't quite figure out what to do about it! 🙂 ).

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