• our roommates have two dogs. meli the jack russell and kahu the pitbull. olimar and meli seem to hit off quite well. they're pretty good friends… although i think meli is trying to teach olimar, to be more like her. our roommates don't treat her that well, which i believe makes her be the energetic terror, she is. olimar and kahu... well they play sometimes but recenlty kahu as been a bully to oli. today they were playing and kahu got a mega clamp lockdown bite on our little guy. olimar was crying, and i had to come rescue him. the pitbulls owner didn't even come and get his dog. what a trip! he didn't even say sorry! not to mention they like to abuse their dogs by hitting them, talk to them with a loud tone, and locking them in their cages all day. i feel really bad for them. i just hope olimar doesn't think that all dogs are like this.

  • Sad, any way you can get this dog away from that home and into on how will care for it properly?

  • michelle and i take him everywhere we go. we don't leave him with the other two and their owners. we try to take him to the beach, parks, friends places. we don't want to be around their owners either, so it works out. it just sucks that he has to be around it. :C

  • Well, bless your heart.
    But I am afraid this type of "rough" treatment can make this poor dog a problem, down the road.
    Why do they even have this dog?
    Status sic?

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