• **My husband and I decided to chat about what Jack's "Heaven" would be like and what I thought would be a short chat, ended up being a very long and funny discussion!! So I thought it's be interesting to share what (By learning about our basenjis in everyday life) would be their Ideal Heaven! I've got my Jack down to a T!!

    • Lets start with a Endless GIANT but somehow fenced in field (Because Jack LOVES to just sniff the fence line at the Dog Park before ANYTHING else) full of other dogs…but no non-neutered large males because This Jack has to be the toughest guy around:mad: . NO BATHS:mad: !!! BUBBLES! Squirrels!! Plenty of couches, walls, and slick floors for my daily B-500:D !! MY Dog House to STAND on the roof of Majority of the time I’m out!! AND…There HAS to be and ENDLESS supply of pizza, all types of meat, BREAD, some doggie beer, pig ears, ham bones, fruit!!, and of COURSE, some of Aiden’s Formula Powder :rolleyes: (all to eat with no tummy aches or "bad boys") AND THEN TO CHEW…Q-Tips, Dryer Sheets, Daddy's Socks (ONLY), Aiden's Stuffed Animals (NOT my Own:rolleyes: ), toilet paper (ONLY from the up stairs bathroom) and of course some plastic bottle caps. And Finally a GIANT Feather comforter from my moms bed to sleep in:p …and NO HEAVEN WOULD BE HEAVEN without MY Aiden Puppy:p and Parents…(Oh and you can throw in a sassy Red and White Female B too for kicks!!;) )-

    Oh man...THATS Jack In Detail, LOL 😃

    What About you???**

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