• **Everything is going great! jack is doing wonderfully!! And so is my "Mister". Here are some pictures for you all!!









  • Aww How lovely!

  • Aww How lovely!

  • Aww - How lovely - good to know and see! God Bless you all! 🙂

    editing: What kind of glitch happened? (Must be my longer than usual finger nails!)

  • Glad all is going so well.

    Keep up the good work & training!

  • So cute. And don't you just love it when you get all the babies down for a nap at once. 😃

  • Oh so cute (and Aiden too) 🙂

  • That is great news…. way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Such sweet pictures. And they all look so content.

  • I was just wondering yesterday how things were going for you and your family. I am so happy that Jack and Aiden are doing good, I knew Jack would get straight once the newnest wore off. He just had to adjust, remember he use to be the baby around you guys. He and Aiden will build a great bond, and as long as you and hubby take time for Jack he will do fine. I love the picture of the baptism, and the one of hubby and Jack. Your son is just beautiful, and I know b/c I use to have a baby son too, my only child mind you and he is 24 now. Don't tell hubby but sons have a special bond with their mothers, my son and I are very close and it's me he talks to about girls. So you have lots to look forward too, take care and enjoy that baby boy!:D

  • Thanks for the update! I've been wondering…hoping... and now I feel soo much better!

  • It's good start, but Babies grow quick and you must be prepared when your son becomes mobile.

    Wobbly toddlers can look like prey to dogs.

    Never leave the two alone, keep both on short leashes.

    Hopefully everything will continue to be fine, but you should be prepared when your son starts walking, grabbing, pulling & biting.

    Kids need to be taught to respect any breed of dog and the dogs must know his place in the pack.

  • That's great news! 😃 Looks like Jack is starting to adjust to the new little guy…I love your first pic...I hope they all weren't passed out from devouring those yummy treats on the bed 😃 😃 😃

  • The treats Jack and Aiden a gnawing on are their Christmas Stocking goodies!!! Jack took a few weeks to eat his treats but Aiden ate his chewy right away!!! LOL. He loves it (I think he's teething…yeay...not) BUT he IS sleeping thru the night now...SO NOW I have to get back into that pattern (though im sure it wont last long when his "teethers" start coming in…poor guy) Jack has been going to the park the past few days because the weather has been SO great!!! He is still getting into things, BUT I think thats in the basenji BLOOD so, I can deal with that. (He LOVES dryer sheets...WEIRD) His Lyme is under control as well, for those of you who are wondering, I know the cold weather isnt going to help with joint pain but he sure doesnt show it so im glad! as for his allergic reaction, it hasnt happened again thank goodness, and he's still eating purina one and loving it all as well. And of course he is still doing ALL his Basenji coo-coo "ness"!! (suddenly bolting around the room, jumping and spinning in circles and of course SLEEPING all the time!!!) And Aiden is a VERY good baby, not fussy at all, talks and coos alot and is reaching for things, laughing, singing, and all that GREAT stuff...infact he just started some baby food today (his doctor suggested I try it and see if he likes it in SMALL amounts) and OF COURSE JACK was ALLLL ready to share...I have a Video and ill attach it for you all!! Thanks for all the responses!!!

  • How sweet! Keep upthe good work. I have 3 boy's and 2 B.. they all stole my heart!

  • Ok here is the Video, BEFORE YOU WATCH… I'm sorry but im kinda goofy in this with the baby talk lol! And before I could get out the camera, Jack had gotten a few licks SMACK DAB on Aidens mouth and licked a GLOB of baby food off him so...ok, dont make fun of me, LOL!!!


  • very cute! so happy it's working out!

  • How wonderful! I'm so relieved that it is all working out. The pictures and the video are adorable!
    I'm sure I shared it with you already, but I thought it worth mentioning again: We were very worried with Nala when our first child was born, but she was great with everything while she was an infant. But our only issue was when she was a toddler - she wanted to get into Nala's "bed". Nala made what we call "ugly noises" at her. It was very unsettling and we were very cautious after the first time. Becasue of this, we started teaching the kids at a very young age about respecting the dog's private space (and in general) and also making sure that they weren't cornering her, etc.
    You've got time before he starts toddling around though, so don't worry! It will all be fine! Keep posting those pictures and videos!

  • she wanted to get into Nala's "bed". Nala made what we call "ugly noises" at her.

    We got our dogs a little bed for the family room for christmas and I snapped a couple of pics of our Tri. The other dog came over and..

    She heeded the warning and went away while I kept playing with him, no scuffle. A child is going to have know theses signs as well.

  • Very cute video. I did notice you snapped at Jack when he came close to the baby. I would be afraid he may associate the baby with negative reactions from you. Maybe while you are feeding the baby you could have a separate snack for jack so he will look forward to baby time. Of course eventually Aiden will throw his food on the floor for Jack and then it may nto be an issue. I am sure there are more knowledgeable people who could respond. That was just my first thought.

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