Fencing my Yard for Roo the Basenji

  • Although we live on a riverbank and have a beautiful view, Miranda and I are considering fencing our yard or part of it, so Roo will have a place to run other than in the house or in a dog park.

    I have pretty much decide that we are going to invest in the new plastic type privacy fence. Unless Roo grows suction cups on his paws, I do not think he wil be able to climb this type of fence.

    We know that fencing is very expensive so even if we can only afford a few panels a month, we feel we can get this done as Roo grows. My question is, how high of a fence do I really need? Also, what kind of bottom treatment do I need to do, to prevent Roo from attempting to dig under the fence.



  • If the yard is big enough and he is happy enough, you should only need the bottom to go to the ground, and the fence should be about 6' high. Medjai does great with 5' wood fences that go just to the ground, he doesn't climb or jump up unless there's a squirrel, and that's just to see the squirrel, then he's fine without attempting to get out, and he can even fit through the gate, so we worry all the time.

    I don't know if you were considering an electric fence. That may be an option, or at least worth trying if you really want the view. I'm not sure what it's like all around you, but I don't think you should have an issue with the water, that should be good enough to keep roo out of the river.

  • Five to six feet should be fine…. as far as digging under you can go the electric hot wire route (string of electric wire that they use for cattle and horses along the bottom) or you bury wire (like chicken wire) covered with gravel and attach to the bottom of the fence... that will prevent digging...

  • We are lucky, only have a 4 ft chain link fence and no escapes. A nice metal fence would give you your view , probably more expensive, but might be worth it on the side facing the river. Some basenjis are born escapers but some are really pretty easy and will be kept in, especially if you have 2, so they aren't lonely and looking for adventure.

    Anne in Tampa

  • My yard came with the standard 4 ft chain link fence and I have never had any real problem with EL D. When I acquired him from the breeder I made sure he was not a climber to begin with (she had some dogs that could clear 6 1/2 feet easy as pie). He likes to sit sometimes in the corner and watch the activity out front by the neighbor's, so the chain link is a plus in that respect. The squirrels learned pretty quick not to run across the top of the fence.
    The only time I've had a problem is when one neighbor acquired a pretend-dog that likes to come by our adjoining corners and harass EL D (and me or anyone or any other pet in the vicinity).

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