Growing up at parc de mes repos

  • *sigh

    she is growing up so fast..

    This was a little self stack (save that foot!)… on her unbaked side. 🙂 If you flip Lycia around, her stripes and bridle colouring is much deeper. Like someone had her on the grill and forgot to flip evenly 🙂

    I just switched her to a proper sighthound collar, I'll have to post pics later.. it looks very handsome on her.

  • Lovely brindle

  • It's just like looking at Echo;)

  • She's a beauty!

  • What a cutie pie. How big is she now.. Where in Lausanne is the park you took pictures in? …...Thank you so much for sharing her with us. 😃

  • Thanks for all your thoughts! 🙂 I think she looks a lot like Echo too - except her facial markings which are completely her dam's.. She is still a bit in the puppy gangles.. but still 🙂 I'm really bummed I don't have the time to show her.

    She is 5.5 months and 7 kilos.

    The park is Parc de Mon Repos in Lausanne (it's a common park name) - which kinda translates to My Park of Tranquility. About 10 min east of Saint François in the center. It's really a special place - just stunningly beautiful, there are like 6 very large bird aviaries with all kinds of exotic fowl (Lycia is utterly captivated by them), ponds full of koi, waterfalls, big weeping trees - lots of quiet green places.

  • She's a beautiful little girl!

  • She's beautiful!

  • She is certainly a cutie!! 🙂

  • merci merci merci!!

  • merci merci merci!!

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