How Are They Growing?

So we have seen how some of this year's puppies are growing. Anyone else out there willing to share how their pups are maturing.

Here is L'Ox at 20 weeks old.

[sits patiently]

We can't wait to see all the puppies all grown up….L'Ox looks great!

L'Ox is growing nicely. It's wonderful to see these puppies progress.

He's beautiful. It looks like his tightly curled tail can't unfurl!!!

He does have a nice tight curl but he is tolerant of having it uncurled. We work with all our pups to get them used to having their tails uncurled since people seem to have a fascination with them.


Nice L'ox..he is gorgeous Lisa..I bet you are proud..:):)

L'ox is looking very nice. And I DO love the tightly curled tail. Very good that he allows it to be uncurled too.

L'Ox is a very nice looking boy!

Very nice looking boy! Hope to see him on Saturday in Holister.

Aww..C'mon puppy people…where are those pics! :p:p

Here's Kairoe at 5 months:

Here's Kairoe at 16 months:

We will be there. The rest of the family is entered and hopefully he can have a baby practice.

Here is Ono!

10 weeks -

19 weeks -

AND being a little sister -

Frankie, the tri, and Johnny at 5 months. Johnny was being difficult-he actually looks much better than that.

All very pretty Basenji. Here is my Cairo at 4 months, then at 5 months. He's getting bigger, can't tell a whole lot in the pics. Just been a little over a month.

Here is Chief on the way home when we first picked him up.

Here he is today

Here is Franie, C-Me (Chief's sister) and Franie's brother, Trip


all sooo cute!!!!


Here is Franie, C-Me (Chief's sister) and Franie's brother, Trip

We need stacked pictures 😉 :p


We need stacked pictures 😉 :p

LOL, considering I don't do much show training till we get in the ring… you all are going to have to wait a while...gggg

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