• Here is Molly @ 10weeks , then @ 10 mos, which she is now. She is a fine lookin' little gal, we think, we are still searching for an African name to register her.
    She loves other dogs and people. 🙂 .We love this site and seeing all the other
    Now I have to figure out how to post the pictures…............

  • What are her parents' registered names?

  • Sire: Takoradi Turbo…Dam: Uimbaji Rooster..........not sure of the pronouncations.....

  • If you are looking for an African name, you can try the Swahili dictionary at

  • Basenji translates as "wild thing" or "wild dog" from Swahili…in ancient Egypt the hieroglyph for dog was a picture of a Basenji and translated "iwiw"....meaning howler
    Since the Nubians gave Basenjis to the pharohs as tribute my name is Noobie.
    Could it be the Egyptian god Anubis got the name from us? Ya think?

  • My husband & I went to S. Africa on safari in Kruger Park & there was this beauty leopard called Suseke (meaning: beautiful one). Your Molly is so pretty may I suggest it as a very appropo name 🙂

  • the pharohs named their dogs for their appearance…over 70 names are recorded in ancient Egypt such as "blackie"...they also called them for their abilities like "swift hunter"...one was called "Useless" lol

  • I have just figured out why Molly is so striking to me. I haven't seen Basenjis with a face that black.
    She is beautiful; very regal looking. That second photo, where she is on the couch with the bone, is really stunning.

  • What a beautiful girl you have. Thanks for sharing pics.

  • @lvoss:

    If you are looking for an African name, you can try the Swahili dictionary …..

    Hi all,
    Just another Swahili dictionary.
    Personally I also like to get inspiration from Latin ->

    BTW - both dictionaries are from Babylon and they recently launched LingoZ - The Online Dictionary Community, saying they are building the world's largest dictionary. You can lookup terms, vote for definitions, post comments or add your own terms. o for those of you interested in sharing their knowledge, give it a try. They really could need some Basenji related terms there 😉

    Regards and Love,

  • Aww she is adorable!!

  • This probably won't help, but Deke is really short for Zindeku it means "protective charm" in swahili. Thats not his registered name. His name describes his personallity now, but not when he was a puppy. He grew into it.

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