Newsom's growing up so fast!

Newsom was born on Dec 28, making him 5 months now and he's GROWING BY THE DAY! He's a real treat though….such an awesome dog. We love him a lot.

Here's my handsome boy:

With his big brother, Shango:

life with a Basenji is awesome, but life with TWO Basenji's is the BEST!

Wow! They are both so handsome!!!

Love his cute little white spot….

Wow, they are couple of handsome heros!

They are so cute. Love them.

They are lovely 🙂

Newsom has some pretty big paws… so cute!


Adorable..they look to love eachother..happy brothers.

so cute!!

He still has that adorable puppy face 🙂

What a cutie! Gotta love that face!:)

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