Growing the perfect dog nose

I love how puppies of any breed have really flat faces compaired to as they grow. I hadn't realized how long Zaire's nose had grown untill I was looking at a more recent picture. Here are three pictures for Yall.

The first one is the day I brought her home.

Here is one from about a month after she came home.

And finaly the GREAT nose shot from last week.

great observation about the nose. Zaire is sure a beautiful girl!

Thank you …oh and it's a good thing too. I keep telling her she is lucky she is so good lookign or I would put her in a soup. 😛 Of course with CHarlie I alwayse threaten to BBQ him....I really hope my neighbors get my sense of humor. 😃

We tell Nicky she would make great stew, but would require long slow cooking to get her tender. We used to threaten one of our early basenjis with making a pair of gloves out of her…we all have a pretty silly sense of humor, don't we?

Anne in Tampa, who makes stew FOR Nicky, not out of her, haha


we all have a pretty silly sense of humor, don't we?

Of course…..that's why we can all put up with being owned by these CRAZY dogs. 😃

wonderful series of photos…
Glad you thought of it...and share it!

I used to tell Booger I was going to toss him off our third story porch into the woods… until two weeks ago we came home & couldn't find him. We leave the back porch door open thinking he couldn't come to harm. We started calling him & he came running to the front door. We inspected the bushes underneath our porch, which were in disarray & leads us to believe he either fell or jumped off the porch. We have no idea how long he was out on his own, with no collar!!!! in a huge apartment complex with coyotes in the woods behind us! And he didn't have a scratch on him!!!!!!!!!! Its not such a funny threat anymore.


Its not such a funny threat anymore.

Oh so he did it on purpose to teach you a lesson. 😉
Isn't that the way with these little devils… have to be carefull what you say....they hear everything. 😃

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